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In case of Bao food poisoning, qualified mom will do so in case of Bao – Sohu maternal food poisoning, competent ma do food in the world, the water is too deep, an inattentive, food poisoning: eating unclean food — bacterial food poisoning, food poisoning, fungal infection of virus infection food poisoning. Eat mushrooms, fish gall itself contains poisonous food. Eat food contaminated by a specific pathogen. Food poisoning often comes to let people be caught off guard without other disease, in the premise, the initial performance is generally vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Vomit, is a popular first aid method most widely, and it is also the main emergency treatment way, in general, after eating 4~6 hours is the best time to emetic, gastric lavage. However, the urge to spit is not omnipotent, at least, infants, coma can not be emetic. A little older? It is also to ensure that the little guy in sober, numb with fingers or pharyngeal stimulation chopsticks treasure vomit, remember, you got under the hand, residual treasure in the stomach of food to prevent further toxins discharged as soon as possible, eventually being absorbed. Emetic, posture is very important to maintain forward position, thus preventing the treasure of aspiration, blocking the trachea caused by suffocation. Emetic, does not mean that Everything will be fine., or to go to the hospital, the doctor will carry on according to the different treatment of poisoning. Of course, want to stop from the source, it is necessary to stay in the food on the heart: the high temperature boiling food, you can disinfect it? Well, food poisoning can be divided into two types of biological and chemical. Biological poisoning, Sure, cook healthier. The type of chemical poisoning, boiling will make the toxin concentration increase instead, such as nitrite produced in rotten cabbage, germination and immature potatoes in solanine, high temperature is with them can’t drop. Frozen food without bacteria? Not to mention, some bacteria living at low temperatures, reproduction, such as the bacteria will cause diarrhea, can be 20 degrees below zero in the protein to survive for up to 11 weeks. Do you have a bad taste of food that you can cook or boil? This money can not province, have low temperature resistant bacteria have high temperature resistant bacteria, such as the destruction of the human central nervous system, the Botox spores at 100 degrees Celsius in boiling water, can survive more than 5 hours. The little reminder, the typical food poisoning Disease enters by the mouth. must pay attention to, and do not place too long, eating contaminated food, also don’t pick wild fruit, wild mushrooms to eat.相关的主题文章: