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Immersion released a new version of TouchSense:emoji: SDK- Sohu leading technology tactile feedback technology developers and licensees of Immersion company (NASDAQ: IMMR) today announced the launch of the new TouchSense® for mobile APP developers; SDK, this new solution will be mobile and mobile video game SDK SDK from the original function perfect together, to create a set of Android APP for developers to easily use SDK solutions. By providing a more attractive and compelling user experience for the user, this cross platform SDK solutions will help developers to make their products talent shows itself from the competition, and to the maximum extent to improve user retention rate. Immersion vice president of marketing Todd Whitaker said: "at present, more and more Android games and APP developers focus through touch technology in place, users in the mobile terminal on the content of the experience is more exciting. This will be a variety of scenarios touch function into a unified SDK, this innovation can effectively simplify the mobile APP development process, reduce overall maintenance costs, in order to achieve the maximum benefits for the majority of developers." This version of the Android developer solution can watch pain points, convey touch more high quality content to the end user. Compared to before, the new version of TouchSense® SDK compression of the size of the 300K, while using a variety of plug-in, including Unity, including the API, provides developers with a flexible integration options. In addition, Immersion provides up to 30 kinds of preset effect library for developers to choose, but also provides a variety of use cases and documentation. The introduction of this solution can help developers to quickly complete the integration work, and from any recent SDK solutions to upgrade the evolution of a smooth, rapid completion of the product market. For more information about the mobile APP new ToucheSense SDK please visit: about Immersion Immersion company (NASDAQ: IMMR) was founded in 1993, is a leading global tactile feedback technology developers and licensees. The company’s tactile feedback solutions make the digital world more attractive. Immersion technology has been used 3 billion sets of digital hardware equipment, provides excellent tactile feedback experience for the world-class firms, mobile phone, tablet computer, game console, automotive, medical and consumer electronic products etc.. With the United States and other countries have Chinese, more than 2200 have been approved or pending patent, Immersion brought infinite vitality into the digital world. More company and product information, please visit:相关的主题文章: