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I popular | age play tender and fresh sweet, double ball head becomes the second woman reading this adorable – Sohu has been half balls blown nowhere to hide. You don’t know to double ball head! A ball has been busy enough, another one will not be too much? Double ball head like a meatball head more than half by age, a more fashionable, quick to learn ~ Step 1: hair about sharing. Step 2: the two sides will be tied to a high ponytail hair. Step 3: first a ponytail is divided into three strands, weave a strand of three strands. Step 4: the braided three strands around the bottom rotation. Step 5: fixed the three strand braid with a plurality of small clips. Step 6: repeat the above steps, the other side of the Ponytail Hair, rotary and fixed. Such an adorable cute double ball head is finished, you learn it? Top recommended 5 simple steps to paint a perfect makeup improve temperament back rate 100% office sedentary family welfare to 3 simple steps to eliminate edema plastic leg stretching exercises early autumn outing hair Xue Sen female garland engendering freshness long by two-dimensional code with art sister said whenever and wherever possible to share will lean 10 pounds oh? See video mengchuo [reading original]?相关的主题文章: