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Hui ST ball and Shanghai tear forced upgrade: dissatisfaction ST source: punishment to court in twenty-first Century economic report two days ago, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announcement of a paper, let ST Hui ball major litigation involving non disclosure situation surfaced. This news, facing the letter batch control, the actual controller, and is forced to doubt ST Hui ball technology, and a trouble. September 30th afternoon, ST Hui ball response: for the recent litigation matters, the company did not know before, no place to verify, can not be verified, it also pointed out that the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the letter Phi regulatory double standards exist. ST Hui told reporters in twenty-first Century economic ball at the same time, we have applied to the 28 to the Shanghai Pudong New Area people’s court for administrative proceedings of Shanghai, requiring the Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 9th this year to revoke the punishment according to the company’s ST." The court has received the relevant filing materials. And a day later on September 29th, ST received the ball Hui Shanghai written letter, the company chairman Dong et al. Denounced "etc. the current members of the board of five years are not suitable as a listed company directors, supervisors and senior management personnel". ST Hui ball: matters "no confirmation, unable to verify" on Friday (September 23rd), the Shanghai Stock Exchange regulators telephone to inform the company involved in litigation matters, require the company to make an announcement, but the other only to a civil lawsuit, prior to this, the company has not received notice of the respondent court. Do not know such a thing, "ST ball Hui secretaries Lu Junan told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report. ST ball Hui stressed that due to the Shanghai Stock Exchange announcement platform need to upload a notice of the respondent court, and had not received the relevant documents, so we can’t notice. Until this Tuesday (September 27th) received notice of responding to the higher people’s Court of Shanghai post, to make an announcement on the matter. "We do not notice, only matters can not verify, cannot be verified, so it in a recent announcement, Lu Jun an explanation. As for the matter to Shanghai, ST Hui Sheng bow ball original shareholders Gu Guoping and Gu Guoping’s company between Shanghai Feixun equity transfer dispute, ST Hui ball again, "the company should not, do not agree, do not accept the relevant guarantee liability therefore bear". For the hot outside ST Hui ball actual control of the original shareholders of Gu Guoping into securities on behalf of fresh words that ST ball Hui relevant responsible person said that "this situation is not informed, the company’s actual controller has not changed the situation". The company’s current business situation, ST Hui ball does not respond, saying only that is actively working with regulatory reform". ST Hui ball ready to sue for the Shanghai Stock Exchange at ST Hui does not meet the regulatory issues such as the ball, ST ball Hui responded: "we and the Shanghai Stock Exchange regulators almost every day call for information inquiries, do not reply, but our reply submitted to the Shanghai stock exchange regulatory business system, not by the other party the other will not be recognized by". Recently, ST Hui ball request related party of the Intercontinental Beijing Jiayu relai field contribution announcement information exchange, but does not belong to the "response to the announcement of listed companies, can be sent to shareholders". For these two different feedback, ST Hui ball secretaries Lu Junan believes that "on"相关的主题文章: