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Housing prices get a road map: the tide of capital to attack western Sohu financial reporter Aman Chang reported in Beijing’s increasingly high cost of land in this year, housing prices are gradually increased profits, more add a layer of test. In the relatively loose credit policy and the impact of the property market back to the temperature, the expansion of housing prices in the process of actively participating in the land auction, has become an important force to get a high price. One of the main, from the initial to the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises to take over transposition. But it is worth noting that the first half of first-tier cities and second tier city in the core has been the high premium rate of land transfer, which not only affect the healthy development of the property market hot city, the spillover effect has brought positive changes around the market, even the conduction. The second half of the year, the credit tightening wind gradually, the land market heat has not subsided, but it has a lot of room to start here and make a risk warning, strategy adjustment. After a few hours, reading hundred placards this strength of the land auction, only in the past first-tier cities, and only high-quality plots. Now not only spread to the two or three tier cities, and seems to have become commonplace. Under the tide of capital, private enterprises have been taking over the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises to become the leading part of the industrial capital land market, especially industrial entities have begun to join with the tide. A wave of flat, wave after another. Began in the first half of this year to take the wave, is constantly spread from the eastern city to the Midwest cities. This year 7, August, the land market continues to heat up in the first half. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing and other hot cities in the eastern part of the high fever, the surrounding Fuzhou, Foshan and other regions are also subject to radiation. At the same time, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Chengdu and other cities in the Midwest has also been refreshed. In this process, the first tier cities have not been commonplace scene has been transferred to the second tier cities in the midwest. One who participated in the Zhengzhou Zheng Dong New District, deputy CBD land auction developers told reporters, two from the morning to the afternoon, the price of the more than and 200 round of competition. Developers fight not only financial resources, as well as physical." Behind this fierce competition is the surge of capital. In the XinDa, Gezhouba Dam SASAC enthusiasm gradually subsided, private enterprises become the main force of the birth of the price. Shanxi People’s Hospital "won the" Taiyuan price behavior is that the real capital intervene land market degree of depth, has the need to concern degree. Fight deeper physical fight in August 18th, is located in Zhengzhou City, Zheng Dong District of Longhu, No. CBD13, No. 14 side into the live auction attracted more than and 10 enterprises to participate in bidding. The two pieces of land from 9 in the morning to start the auction, and continued into the afternoon, the scene is very anxious. 17:45, after 8 hours of auction, the number of places to the price of the price of the melt was a win, at a price of $36 thousand and 300 square meters hit a record high in Zhengzhou, a new high of. At this time the number of bidding has reached the 233 round. After one hour, 14 to 3 billion 510 million of the price competition, winner for Beijing tabied Xiucheng ltd.. The floor price of the land reached.相关的主题文章: