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Real estate prices and exchange rates: social wealth balance at both ends – Sohu finance Mid Autumn Festival holiday, did not intend to see a news, Shenzhen has become the world’s second home prices. Although fierce scary, but I believe that this is no exaggeration. This news behind, let people think, why in China’s economic downturn, the price is still so strong? If the real estate is an important part of social wealth, then does this mean that the Chinese people have been in the forefront of the richest in the world? Obviously, this is impossible. But as the saying goes, "there is reason". I believe that the emergence and rupture of any bubble are the inner development of truth can be found. However, the more things that people find difficult to understand, support the truth of its existence is often more difficult to ponder. In these possible reasons, the relationship between housing prices and the exchange rate system can not be ignored. What is the essence of a currency? The essence of money is a tool to facilitate the exchange of commodities, the total amount of which has nothing to do with the overall wealth of society. So, as a consequence, housing prices will lead to several possible consequences: 1, the devaluation of the currency since the total social wealth is not determined by the amount of money, then prices will inevitably lead to the devaluation of the currency. However, under the condition of exchange rate control, the problem of currency devaluation may be temporarily concealed. 2, the rise in inflation will create a large number of bank loans, and bank lending itself is a major way of money. In addition to the impact of price changes on inflation. More important is the possible effect of price conduction: rising prices, rising rents, the rising cost of living, life service, artificial rose, rising wages and prices of other commodities, inflation (but not necessarily the exchange rate changes) 3, increasing the rich and the poor differentiation in the currency is not undervalued in place, wages did not rise in place before the social differentiation first-tier cities have real class, and no real class. Two what is the nature of price? The essence of high prices is a house around the access to social resources amount (such as: medical, education, jobs, etc.). Why China’s first tier cities prices have not fallen? There are five reasons. 1) the economy has been developing rapidly in the past, the growth of social wealth to support prices. 2) too much money. 3) social resources are becoming more and more concentrated in the first tier cities, not scattered. 4) property tax has not been introduced. 5) the impact of social ideas, as well as narrow investment channels. The above 5 points, the future will be able to change the trend of real estate prices play a key role in the property tax only, because economic growth will be offset by the decline in monetary problems. Three if it is to classify the global economy in terms of money, there are basically only two dimensions. One dimension is that the United States and other countries, which is determined by the unique dominance of the dollar. In this dimension, the dollar as a global reserve currency bonus, so that the U.S. economy in a more relaxed regulatory means.相关的主题文章: