History for the first time! Lang Ping Yao Ming is the image ambassador of Mars exploration project –www.sdcp.cn

History for the first time! Lang Ping Yao Ming, the Mars exploration project ambassador – people.com.cn Hainan channel — people.com.cn reporter from the lunar exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center was informed that Lang Ping, Yao Ming, Tan Dun, "Chinese Three Tenors", Yuan Sha, Liu Cixin, TFBOYS and other 11 social and cultural arts celebrities will China Mars exploration project name and graphic logo global collection campaign promotion of endorsement. This is the first time that China’s major scientific and technological projects have opened their image ambassadors. The lunar exploration and aerospace engineering center relevant responsible person said, for the first time from the social culture and arts celebrities selected ambassador, in order to better promote Chinese Mars exploration project global collection activities, promote the Chinese Mars exploration project more deeply. 11 "Mars ambassadors" will publicize China Mars exploration project, through the strong influence of active play ambassador, a profound understanding of the broad masses of the people to promote the implementation of major significance of Mars exploration project on China, to encourage young people to pursuit of scientific knowledge, to the engineering sign set, design more rich nationality, the name of the masses the graphic logo, to better display the national image China Mars exploration project. It is reported that the first Chinese Mars mission in Hainan on 2020 by the Wenchang launch site, the long march rocket number five will Mars transfer orbit directly into the fire, this is the lunar exploration project after deep space exploration in China and a major science and technology projects. The name of Chinese Mars exploration engineering and graphic logo global campaign was officially launched in August 23rd, xinhuanet.com, the contestants through NASA network, Chinese lunar and deep space exploration, Mars exploration Chinese WeChat platform to submit the name and logo graphic works. (commissioning editor Liu Hantao and Jiang Chengliu)

历史首次!郎平姚明任火星探测工程形象大使–人民网海南频道–人民网   记者从探月与航天工程中心获悉,郎平、姚明、谭盾、“中国三大男高音”、袁莎、刘慈欣、TFBOYS等11位社会文化艺术名人将为中国火星探测工程名称和图形标识全球征集活动宣传推广工作代言。这是中国重大科技工程首次启用形象大使。   探月与航天工程中心相关负责人表示,首次从社会文化艺术名人中选聘形象大使,是为了更好地宣传推广中国火星探测工程全球征集活动,推动中国火星探测工程更加深入人心。   11位“火星大使”将义务宣传中国火星探测工程,通过积极发挥形象大使的强大影响力,增进广大群众对中国实施火星探测工程重大意义的深刻理解,鼓励青少年对科学知识的强烈追求,为工程征集、设计更加富有时代性、民族性、群众性的名称和图形标识,更好地展示中国火星探测工程的国家形象。   据悉,中国首次火星探测任务计划于2020年在海南文昌发射场,由长征五号运载火箭将火星探测器直接送入地火转移轨道,这是探月工程之后我国深空探测又一重大科技工程。中国火星探测工程名称和图形标识全球征集活动已于8月23日正式启动,参赛者可通过新华网、国家航天局网、中国探月与深空探测网、中国火星探测微信平台提交名称和图形标识作品。    (责编:刘瀚涛、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: