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Release of employment report on 2016 full-time graduates employment report, the average salary of graduates lib high innovation Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance recently, master of Finance (MF) graduates average basic salary of up to 284 thousand yuan, the average annual salary of financial MBA project full-time graduates is as high as 266 thousand yuan, both record highs. The report shows, up to 230 thousand yuan value of the MF high graduate salary, the 2015 is respectively increased by 27.8%, the highest annual salary of 680 thousand yuan. Statistics show that the 15.8% high MF students after graduation to work in Germany, Canada and Hongkong and other financial institutions, the rest of the students worked together in Shanghai, Beijing, located in Shenzhen, the domestic financial sector first-tier cities. High MF graduates end entry units for international and domestic first-class financial institutions. There are 5 people in Morgan chase, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch and other top international investment bank, 3 people joined the China International Capital Co, the other major employers include CITIC Securities, Tencent and other domestic and international first-class enterprise. From the industry distribution, the high MF graduates choose investment risk investment and private equity bank, two industries accounted for the highest, a total of more than 4. In terms of employment function, investment banking business (23.7%), investment management (21.1%), research (18.4%) and consulting business (13.2%) before separation 4. At the same time, up full-time MBA graduates starting salary for a median of 250 thousand yuan, the average annual salary of up to 266 thousand yuan, compared with 2015 growth of 25% and 26.6% respectively. The number of full-time MBA graduates working in financial institutions is 95%, and they are the core functions of investment management, research, investment banking and other core functions. "The current economic situation faces many challenges," said Zhang Chun, President of the high gold executive. On the one hand, the global economic recovery on the other hand, the domestic economy said of an aged person, continue to bear a larger growth pressure, which makes all walks of life for the recruitment needs of the increasingly cautious. High graduates have high level of employment, further proof of high teaching idea and training mode has been recognized by the market."

交大高金学院就业报告 毕业生平均起薪创新高上海交通大学上海高级金融学院日前发布2016届全日制毕业生就业报告,金融硕士(MF)毕业生基本薪酬年均高达28.4万元,金融MBA项目的全日制毕业生平均年薪高达26.6万元,双双创下历史新高。报告显示,高金本届MF毕业生年薪中位值高达23万元,较2015届分别增长了27.8%,其中最高年薪达68万元。统计数据显示,本届有15.8%的高金MF学生毕业后到德国、加拿大和香港等地的金融机构工作,其余学生的工作地点则分布在上海、北京、深圳等国内金融行业聚集的一线城市。高金MF毕业生最终的入职单位多为国际和国内一流的金融机构。其中有5人进入摩根大通、摩根士丹利和美银美林等国际顶级投行,3人加入中国国际金融有限公司,其他主要雇主还包括中信证券、腾讯等国内外一流企业。从行业分布来看,高金MF毕业生选择投资银行、风险投资与私募股权两个行业的占比最高,合计超过4成。而在就业职能方面,投资银行业务(23.7%)、投资管理(21.1%)、研究(18.4%)和咨询业务(13.2%)分居前4位。与此同时,高金全日制MBA毕业生起薪中位值为25万元,平均年薪高达26.6万元,较2015届分别增长25%和26.6%。本届全日制MBA毕业生就职于金融机构的人数则达95%,且均为投资管理、研究、投行业务等核心前台职能。高金执行院长张春教授表示:“当前的经济形势面临诸多挑战。一方面全球经济复苏步履维艰,另一方面国内经济继续承受着较大增长压力,这使得各行各业对于人才招聘的需求日趋审慎。高金的毕业生保持高层次、高水平就业,进一步证明高金的教学理念和培养模式得到了市场的认可。”相关的主题文章: