Hengda abnormal rose tricky Close to the exchange Verification zhuxianduowan

Hengda abnormal rose tricky? Close exchanges: verification of Phoenix Financial News (reporter Lu Jinghan) with the A shares of Listed Companies in the three quarter earnings continue to be disclosed, as of late October 27, 2016, Hengda life and its products three quarter holdings of 4.96% listed companies, 4.95% to six, respectively, ieslab (002339.SZ), Jinzhou pipeline (002443.SZ), the pillars of the new material (002082.SZ), Zhongyuan company (300018.SZ), National Technology (300077.SZ), the auspicious (600868.SH). The market to buy and not to lift the behavior of speculation. The main line, Hengda shares of a listed company for life and its products (Hengda Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited – the traditional combination of A, Hengda Life Insurance Company Limited – Universal B), the trader behavior and not for buy and after Evergrande real estate group continuous placards Jiakai city (000918.SZ) and Langfang (600149.SH) the method of operation and insurance companies was more favored underestimate the value of blue chip long-term investment behavior is inconsistent, led the market’s attention and curiosity. The following table is based on the earnings of listed companies, as of October 28th has disclosed information, Hengda three quarter of the shares listed on the list of the top ten shareholders of listed companies.     according to the rules listed company investors, the total capital ratio reached 5%, should be disclosed in the announcement, namely "sense", and investors in protest after 6 months can not sell the stock. Cost is not a small amount and short term cannot be sold because so often seen by the market long-term bullish placards. Therefore, the Hengda life to buy this behavior can not be described as into the attack, retreat can defend". Insiders also believe that it is the use of the shares of China Vanke, Evergrande real estate group, created a good impression placards Jiakai City, the development of Langfang for speculation, then rallies reduction and withdrawal of short-term investment behavior. What is the intention of Hengda life operation? Hengda life to the Phoenix Financial reporter said: "we think this brand is a normal investment strategy and investment behavior, with the company’s brand relationship is not big, so there is no response, all to the market data as the standard." However, it is worth discussing is the use of Hengda Hengda Department of insurance placards concept of short-term speculation whether there is violation of the capital market of the red line? A person close to the exchange to the Phoenix Financial reporter said, as long as the legal compliance operation is normal, it should be noted that, the existence of market manipulation, the presence of the placards not placards, whether there are other violations. As for the manipulation of the market, the exchange will be carefully identified, not easily concluded." What is more, some analysts said that the data show that the three quarter of the new shares Hengda life of Listed Companies in the Earnings Disclosure before the exception rose, the reason behind this may be rat". In this regard, close to the exchange these people said that the exchange should be carried out two grade market verification, to see if there is no abnormal, "exchange market supervision department should check the transactions in the past, but it is difficult to find a rat, check out;相关的主题文章: