Henan is now the mysterious ancient villages such as mihunzhen village to village to roxane hayward

Henan is now the mysterious ancient villages such as mihunzhen village to village to the set: Changgangling village to the river terrain such as vortex maze Renzhuang Village "charming" terrain, originally due to the trend of the Changgangling village, thus forming the room towards the West Yin 30° current situation. The same is the basis of Changgangling village built embankment set, according to the compass (Zi Wu) on the direction is towards the west, Yin 30° (southwest), two villages in the same. In the set of the southwest, a village south of Zhang Zhuang, like Ma Liu Cun, because the southeast northwest, east of the village with the hole Zhuang Gou River to the East, housing Chaoyang 20° (towards the southeast). Therefore, attracted people towards the illusion: Yin embankment on the set of houses, at the southwest of Zhang Zhuang, just like in the south bank set, called Nan Zhang Zhuang; south Zhang Zhuang housing Chaoyang people, see the Northeast bank set, just like in the south Zhang Zhuang the East, so called the East set. Therefore, there is a widely spread in the south Zhang Zhuang, the East set on this sentence is not easy to understand the people around the saying. In the gathering area, has also been a thing out, Nantou "confusing saying. This is how to return a responsibility? Why banks and Ren Zhuang called east-west extension area, and is called Shao Lou south direction of extension of the earth? In fact, this is also related to the location of the village. In the set of southeast, a village Shao floor, like Nan Zhang Zhuang, Ma Liu Cun, Chaoyang East Building 20° (towards the southeast). Therefore, also caused the people of illusion: people toward the Yin embankment on the set of houses, at the southeast block, just like in the East River set, called East-West stretch; housing Chaoyang Shao Zhuang people, look at the northwest of the land, just like in the north direction Shao Zhuang so, called north-south stretched out in Nantou, Shao zhuang. In fact, the correct direction should be the extension of the southeast and northwest. Even more amazing is that in the village 400 meters northeast corner, the northwest corner of the village Shao 1000 meters away from the riverbank, Ling Zhai southeast corner of 300 meters, there is a swirl of terrain. If people stand here the core point, found in all directions by foot and ridge, extending to the top of the head from all sides, like "spin", like a light emitting countless rays. I personally, as if to enter the maze, it is rare in the plains. People in this area can not distinguish the four corners of the world. It seems to be the cause of the cause. However, Ma Nan Zhang Zhuang six, Shao Lou further south, Xiao Zhu Zhuang Xing Zhuang village is recovered in the southern and Northern Dynasties, the meridional direction is correct. Because of this, the village is located along the ridge direction towards, lots of unique taste, the direction of the road between the village and the village goes like a cobweb, today still retains the original to the field, so far the most disorienting stranger. This special landform of about two square kilometers, to this day, still retains this incredible scene. From 1958 to 1978, when planning a large rural land, this area is no planning dead area. When planning personnel can not start, had to give up. How to plan the direction to the four corners of the world, need time to solve. Man: sesson Hill)相关的主题文章: