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What To Look For In A Hedge Fund Marketing Consultant Posted By: Leo Alvin Alexander Sometimes even the best hedge fund managers and firms need the advice of someone to help them gain new business or work out existing problems. Using the services of a consultant can be rewarding financially and professionally, allowing a manager to see situations in a new light. Speaking with consultants who have published books or held seminars worldwide can be a real eye-opener for managers, giving them plenty of new and fresh ideas to use with investors and clients. Hedge fund consultants offer a variety of services and solutions to their clients. These can include hedge fund marketing and capital introduction services, which has a database of potential investors based upon the client’s needs. These databases can prove to be a goldmine for a hedge fund manager, whose main goal is to make as much money as possible for themselves and their investors. Some consultants have databases of over 1,000 contacts depending upon the industry being targeted. Consultants also have expertise in various aspects of the marketplace, including prime brokerage and capital raising. Managers interested in these services can often get them for a slightly additional fee, but they usually feel it’s well worth the effort.
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