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Today will be able to pay the heating costs of energy — people.com.cn (original title: today will be able to pay the heating fee) the October 7th news (trainee reporter Gong Yueyue) 7, reporters from Zibo city center the Thermotics Inc was informed that this year the heating fee work will be the beginning of 8, the center of Zibo city (including Zhangdian District, high tech area residents) heating price execution set inside floor area is 22 yuan m2. The deadline for the Thermotics Inc in Zibo city in October 31, 2016 will be daily payment, overdue payment of additional 3. It is reported that this year, the central city of Zibo (including Zhangdian District, high tech Zone) residents heating price of the implementation of the construction area of 22 yuan m2. Schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, community (Village) committees (not including external rental and commercial business premises) heating prices by building area 20.5 yuan M2 charge. Non residents heating (including schools, kindergartens, nursing homes and other external rental and commercial housing) prices according to the construction area of 36 yuan M2 charge. Residents of small heat exchange equipment installed in accordance with each heat exchanger 300 yuan per heating season heating charge. The installation of heating facilities in residential single, according to the single area of 30% extra heating costs; double heating facilities are installed on the whole area of land, heating costs; the installation of heating facilities and loft real estate license, indicating the heating costs in the area of land property certificates; there is no real estate license, levied at 50% heating costs lower loft housing area; the installation of heating facilities in the basement, room, garage, residential heating prices charged by heating fee. In addition, the reporter also learned that this winter without heating users should be in October 31st before the local branch for newspaper stop procedures. Not for business users to stop as normal by heat, and pay full heating fee, overdue payment, the daily pay 3 of the liquidated damages.   (: Yanlu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: