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Business Government debt collection differs from ordinary debt collection in several crucial ways. Debt collectors who go after people who miss the due date on their credit cards or skip mortgage payments have one set of skills, but debt collectors who work for the government need another set entirely. Government debt collection can range from local municipalities collecting on their water bills, to the IRS going after people for lack of filing. On the municipal level, governments get their revenue from the state, the federal government, and local revenue streams such as library fines, parking tickets, and traffic violations. Since both state and federal aid has decreased of late as a reverberation of the poor economy, collection on the local level has be.e crucial to keeping the government running smoothly. Some areas where the government collects debt don’t require outside help. Tickets, whether they are for parking or for speeding and other traffic offenses, require the offender to pay or they will lose their driving privileges. Library fines .e with suspended borrowing privileges. In most cases, the fines are low enough in these two areas or the punishment is high enough that there’s not a problem in collecting on them. There are other areas where government debt collection is more of a challenge, such as unpaid utility bills or unpaid taxes. Since local governments receive about one third of their operating funds from the state, one third from the federal government, and the rest from these local sources of in.e. Municipalities have faced challenges as federal aid and state aid have diminished due to economic hardship. Government debt collection is now an important source of revenue. Payment plans on delinquent accounts save the municipality time and money. It requires labor and materials to shut off utilities, and to reconnect them when the account is brought current. It’s far better to work out creative payment options, like installment plans. This will both keep a positive cash flow and reduce extraneous cost for the municipality. Employing a third party collection agency is the right step to take once an account gets past 60 days. Statistically, the longer the debt is outstanding, the harder it is to recover, so if your own in-house efforts have not been successful, it’s important to call in professionals before it is too late. Make sure you choose a third party collection agency that is familiar with the type of government debt collection you require. If you choose a collection agency that offers first party billing, they handle the billing for the utility .pany from the beginning. This saves time and money for the utility .pany because if an account falls into collections the process of starting debt collection in earnest is seamless. One of the main costs when it .es to government debt collection is mailing costs. In addition, government debt collection can be expensive to execute due to the cost of mailings. Giving your billing to a specialized debt collector can significantly reduce costs since they bulk mail. A collection agency that specializes in government debt collection can be a serious boon for most municipalities. They are simply able to recover more money at a lower cost than in-house collections, and what business manager doesn’t want to improve cash flow like that? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: