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Advertising A small business marketing plan doesnt have to be complicated and complex, it just has to be a worthwhile investment. It simply needs to grow your business; whatever capital you invest into your marketing plan must return more in revenue than the initial investment. Business 101. Well, you might be surprised at how many business people dont track their marketing expenses closely enough. For a small business that can often mean suicide. Not all marketing methods and techniques produce more revenue than the costs involved. A good example would be television and radio advertisements for small business. In this case the cost is extremely high and its difficult to track how business growth is directly impacted by these types of advertising. Large commercial brands with huge budgets and national appeal thrive on large branding campaigns, but they have the budget to do so, this is not a good fit for the small business. Web marketing on the other hand is affordable for the smallest business and if done right is trackable down to the very last click. Hows that for small business marketing help that you can get excited about? Online search marketing, pay per click (in certain cases), and other local marketing strategies (like using Google and Yahoo Maps effectively)are cheap in comparison to tradition marketing and advertising methods. But, theyre not only cheaper, theyre many times more targeted and effective as well. If thats the case, then what are the things that are holding most small business owners back from taking the plunge into the world of online marketing? Well, small business owners tend to get small business marketing advice from the wrong sources, outdated materials, and even well-meaning but misguided friends and family. Not to mention that small business owners are busy as heck, and they dont fully understand the cost and benefits of a web based small business marketing plan. Another popular excuse is that they just dont understand the web and all the technological hocus pocus. We get that. But, the fact is that if you dont get an up to date small business marketing plan in order and implemented very soon your nearest competitor could very easily take advantage of one and shutter your doors within 6 to 12 months. That is a cold hard fact. Web marketing is so targeted, important, and lucrative that the competitive advantage it would give a competitor is enough to wipe you out. So, you have to ask yourself, do you want to be the business thats wiped outor do you want to wipe out your competitors and increase your market share by leaps and bounds? A small business marketing plan that gets results can start small, be effectively tracked, and ramp up as profits and revenues increase. It can be scaled up quickly and scaled back; and the investment that you make today will help increase your web presence for years to come with a one-time investment and a very low maintenance cost. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: