Fixing A Clogged Print Head For The Hp Inkjet

Modern inkjet printers have microscopic nozzles from where the ink passes through this is how printing is done these days. In this article we will be discussing about the HP Business Inkjet 1200 printer and to fix print head issues. Now you may notice a few problems occurring in it after many years of service. Dont worry if this happens because its normal, you may notice some in.plete printouts or faded prints, color inconsistencies etc. but all this can be fixed. There are two main reasons why this happens and those a) the print head is dirty, or b) the ink nozzles are clogged by dried ink. Make sure to do cleanups and preventive maintenance work on your printers print head to avoid these problems from re-occurring. Heres how: Locate the power button on the front panel of the printer, press and hold it for 5 seconds while you press the x button two times. Your HP Business Inkjet 1200 printer will immediately start an automatic cleaning procedure on its own. Once you see this happening let go of the power button. The next thing to do is to find the configuration page and press the corresponding button next to it. Once youve done this the printer will respond by printing a test page. You will know whether or not the issue has been resolved if the print quality is improved or otherwise flawless, just like before the problem occurred. However, if it is still showing the same problems then proceed to the next step. Note: The pre-installed cleaning features are designed to fix print head without having to take it out manually and cleaning it. Going back to step 1 press and hold the power button. Once again push the x button twice but this time youll also have to push the resume button once. In case you dont know what the resume button looks like, just look for the icon that looks like a printed page with a downward-pointing arrow below it. Then release the power button. At this time the printer will initiate an intermediate cleaning operation. Test it again if it is working this time by printing a page. Still if the print quality is far from being acceptable proceed to the next step of this procedure. Start the procedure from step 1 all over again and press and hold the power button. Press the x button and simultaneously push the resume button two times. Once youve let go of the power button, the printer this time will begin a thorough cleaning procedure within itself. Once this thorough cleansing is .plete then the print head of your printer should print fine quality pages like it did before. There may be instances when the defect is beyond your capability to fix it and so you may have to take your printer to the nearest HP store and get a technician to fix print head. 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