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A shares in February is expected to embark on a road or a further rebound in short-term bottoming – Sohu securities China Securities News: A shares in February is expected to embark on the road of bottoming in January last trading day, A shares launched a strong rebound, the Shanghai Composite Index back to 2700 points. Last week, there was a net buying in Shanghai Stock Exchange, releasing foreign investment hunting signals. The two financial balance of 20 times at the end of last September after the approaching 900 billion yuan low, means to leverage into the end. From historical data point of view, A shares "red February" probability is larger. However, insiders said that the restoration of market sentiment and confidence to repair time, after the continuous drop above the lock plate pressure, exchange rate fluctuations, the economic downturn, credit default and other potential risks still exist, the market rebound is limited, prices would have difficulty quickly reversed. February will be the "bottom", during repeated difficulty to avoid bumps. Shanghai Stock Exchange: short term A shares are expected to rebound further, the short-term A share market may rebound further, and even exclude the possibility of Shanghai Stock Index trying 2800 or even 2900 points. However, the medium-term trend may face the impact of the decline in the annual performance of listed companies, and may also be faced with the impact of factors such as the further increase of exchange rate fluctuations.   

二月A股有望踏上筑底之路 短线或进一步反弹-搜狐证券  中证报:二月A股有望踏上筑底之路   1月最后一个交易日,A股展开强势反弹,沪综指重返2700点。上周沪股通出现大幅净买入,释放外资抄底信号。两融余额“20连降”后逼近去年9月底9000亿元低点,意味着去杠杆进入尾声。从历史数据来看,A股“红二月”概率较大。   - 不过,业内人士表示,市场情绪的修复和信心的恢复需要时间,连续大跌后上方套牢盘压力沉重,汇率波动、经济下行、信用违约等潜在风险仍然存在,大盘反弹力度有限,行情恐难迅速反转。2月整体将是“筑底月”,期间颠簸反复恐难避免。   上证报:短线A股有望进一步反弹   短线A股市场可能会进一步反弹,甚至不排除上证指数上试2800点甚至2900点的可能性。但是,中期趋势可能面临上市公司年报业绩下滑的冲击,也可能面临汇率波动进一步增强等因素的冲击。   相关的主题文章: