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Dual camera self timer + soft Jin S9 15 this month issued Sohu [IT168] – digital information this year a lot of mobile phone manufacturers have launched a mobile phone equipped with dual camera, dual camera with more excellent shooting. Jin released a poster today, Jin will soon launch a mobile phone equipped with dual camera, model is S9, and officially released in November 15th, posters from the copy can see the mobile phone not only has the dual camera with self timer soft light, that is a main shot of the mobile phone. Long Jin S9 posters at present two cameras on the mobile phone is mainly divided into the same pixel depth camera and the size of the programs for black and white black and white camera, dual camera can not only bring more excellent shooting, to shoot large aperture to blur the picture. Jin Jin S9 is the first mobile phone equipped with two cameras, the use of which, not released yet. Posters on the play virtual world + focus moment, indicating that the dual camera will enhance the phone’s shooting focus and provide a very good effect of large aperture virtualization. The other is Jin S9 will provide self soft light, soft light can enhance the effect of self timer. Long Jin S9 passport / Jin S9 parameter appearance, according to Jin S series main appearance design concept, network license from the Ministry of information can be seen, Jin S9 may still use metal fuselage design, with 5.5 inch screen. Configuration, the use of eight core 1.8GHz CPU, with 4GB large memory and 64GB body storage. Jin S9 will be held a press conference in November 15th 14, according to the smell of this conference will be used online conferences, news about Jin S9 please continue to pay attention to our subsequent reports.相关的主题文章: