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Automobiles During my time as a driving instructor in Montgomery County, I spent a lot of time driving on Pennsylvania roads and highways. It was fun working for a driving school in Montgomery County. I got to experience all the most beautiful and scenic routes in Pennsylvania and I remember them all like the back of my hand. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. It has many scenic routes that one can take while driving. Some driving schools in Montgomery County re.mend driving the Delaware Water Gap Scenic Drive: its from Portland, PA, to Grey Towers (outside Milford). The 38.2 mile drive skirts the Pennsylvania shore or the Delaware River upstream through Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (NRA) and then to the pleasant views in Milford. It finishes at the estate of Gifford Pinchot, a former governor of Pennsylvania. Taking this trip reveals the beauty of Delaware and you will be able to see the S-shaped chasm of the Delaware Water Gap, where the river cuts through Kittatinny Ridge. Through this road you will encounter rock slopes, evergreens, ravines and waterfalls and is a great drive for anyone who wants to see the beauty of the Delaware River. Others re.mend Bucks County driving routes that lead through vast expanses of open farmland. With the decline of farming in the state of Pennsylvania, it has been debated how much of this farmland should be conserved and what should be turned into .mercial or industrial spaces. As of now, it is still as picturesque as ever and anyone will enjoy driving through Route 32, also known as the River Road. It follows the Delaware River from Morrisville, in the south, to Riegelsville in the north, and then into Northampton County. This is a very scenic drive and there are many interesting stops along the way. Starting in Morrisville at the approach to the Calhoun Street Bridge, the River Road runs along the western bank of the Delaware River, which is not only the border of Bucks County, but also the border with New Jersey. Several times, I would have to go take this route and go southwest down to our other driving school in Chester County and I didnt mind it one bit. All in all, Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. The keystone state, Quaker state, whatever you call it, William Penns state will always be beautiful to me. I hope you take these re.mended routes and have yourself a fun afternoon on the road. Remember always: safety first! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: