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Double eleven immediately come to the high value of the price of mobile phones recommended distance from the arrival of the double eleven left for two days, and small partners to choose their favorite phone yet? Whether to send the goddess or their own use, need to pick a high color value and strong performance of mobile phone, if you have no direction, Sina mobile phone here to introduce you to a few high yen value of cost-effective mobile phone, we hope to be able to see their favorite one in which. Glory play 6X Standard Edition (parameter quote forum software) HUAWEI glory in the new conference was held in Xi’an. At the press conference, the president of the company for the glory of consumers introduced a new flagship 6X thousand yuan – Glory smooth play. The machine uses a new Unicorn 655 processor, and is equipped with dual cameras. In appearance, glory play positive 6X uses a 2.5D arc glass, with round metal frame, avoid cutting the hands. 6X glory play full metal body, the back is three piece design classic, two cameras on the side by side, of course it also inherited the post fingerprint mobile phone’s glory. Click the picture to see the glory play 6X Standard Edition details glory play 6X with a 5.5 inches touch screen, and support for 1080P resolution, the use of new kylin 655 processor, clocked at 2.1GHz, 8 core, 16 nanometer process technology. 3GB RAM+32GB ROM storage combination. Glory play 6X supports fingerprint recognition, fingerprint unlock speed is only 333ms, as the flagship model. At the same time support the full Netcom and 4G+, you can also share the WiFi signal. Built in 3340mAh battery, according to official data glory: ordinary users can use 2.15 days, the user can use the heavy use of 1.54 days. Click the picture to see the glory play 6X Standard Edition details glory play 6X main camera is 12 million pixels by 1.25 micron pixel, support F0.95, F16 aperture adjustment, can have more excellent bokeh effect. Have a professional model, delicacy mode, multiple functions of official document correction, proofs show the photo effect is very good. 8 million pixel front camera, support the soft self and ten smart skin. Glory smooth play version of the standard 6X reference price: 999 yuan ZTE Blade A2 Plus Standard Edition (parameter quote forum software) ZTE held experience activities in the Jingdong of intelligent activities in the Tea Museum, officially launched the ZTE Blade A2 Plus flagship long life, with 5000mAh large capacity battery. Price 899 yuan. Click on the picture to view ZTE Blade Plus Standard Edition details ZTE Blade Plus using a metal body design, 5.5 inches 1080p display, equipped with MT6750T eight core processor, 3GB+32GB storage portfolio, A2. Front camera is 8 million pixels, support for a wide range of self portrait of 160 degrees, the main camera is 13 million pixels, support相关的主题文章: