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The domestic steel market "Kim Gu" market is difficult to iron ore prices down again — energy — original title: "Kim Gu", the domestic steel market difficult now iron ore prices down again to the Xinhua News Agency Shanghai September 11th News Title: "Kim Gu", the domestic steel market difficult now iron ore prices down again to the Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Rong while traditional "Kim Gu" season, but the domestic spot steel market demand is not expected to significantly boost, steel prices are still falling. Iron ore prices are down again. According to the latest report of the domestic iron and steel information institutions, my steel provides the latest market, the recent week, the domestic spot steel composite index closed at 99.4 points, down by a week of 0.56%. Domestic steel prices xianyanghouyi first again environmental news driven production in some areas, prices slightly upward, but the turnover is not ideal, followed by black futures prices fell across the board, the steel city confidence, coupled with trading atmosphere light, the price decline gradually expanded, only has stabilized at the weekend. Businesses had expected Kim Gu did not appear. According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, prices fell slightly. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ji’nan and other places, the price fell 10 yuan a week to $80, only Hefei, Guangzhou and other places prices rose slightly. In Shanghai and other places of the market, the merchant in the quote with down phenomenon obvious. While the market is quickly catching up or not, resulting in transactions weak downstream demand side only on-demand procurement. Plate market prices fell. Hot rolled coil prices continue to fall, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and other places, the price fell 10 yuan a week to $90. Shrinking market turnover, merchants take goods enthusiasm is not high. Plate prices continue to fall, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin and other places fell 10 yuan a ton to $80 a week, only a slight rise in the market price of Chongqing. Some areas, although the transaction is weak, the mainstream offer continues to fall, but some of the low inventory of businesses and demand side also has a certain replenishment needs, the next step is to continue to decline in the limited space estimates. Iron ore market hot not up. According to the latest report of the west of the Shinkansen, on the domestic ore market, Hebei iron ore prices mainly to stable. Although this year the price of iron ore has picked up, but the domestic mining enterprises are still deep losses, the domestic mine operating rate remained at a relatively low level. Imported ore prices fell, as of 8, 62% grade Platts iron ore index closed at $58.45 per ton, down $1.7 A week. Data show that Australia’s largest bulk cargo terminal in August iron ore exports surged to record levels, which enhanced the market "price strong supply" impression, some investment banks predict that at least until the end of the year, the price of imported ore will play an inhibitory effect. Relevant agencies believe that the latter in the macroeconomic level, the growth of fixed asset investment and economic activity will tend to improve the domestic steel market will form a boost. However, even if the domestic steel price callback, the space is relatively limited, in the short term or to narrow the main trend of consolidation. (: Sun Yang, commissioning editor Xia Xiaolun)相关的主题文章: