Do you think only cs75 and cs35 are available It is because you do not understand the car – Sohu sorpack

Do you think only CS75 and CS35 are available? It is because you do not understand the car – Sohu "I hope in the color value, price and the new innovation speed, Changan automobile can maintain the leading position. So, in turn, to ensure the status of Chinese brand leaders." Gong Bing, vice president of Changan automobile in the Chengdu auto show during an interview with DearAuto, talked about his future prospects for Changan automobile. 01 Changan car sales are good but the selling pressure is still large in 2016, Changan automobile sales continued to maintain steady growth, in August 15th, Changan brand car for half a month earlier than last year completed sales of more than one million good grades. 1-8 months, Changan automobile sales totaled over 1 million 900 thousand, an increase of 5.2%. Changan brand car sales over 1 million 80 thousand units, an increase of 5.8% over the first half of last year to break million; Changan brand passenger car sales totaled over 780 thousand, an increase of 17.8%. Meanwhile, CS75, Yi move, CS35 and other key models collective force, strong growth. I think in the next four months, Changan car sales will further improve the speed, even to the 11, December does not rule out explosive growth. But this growth I think is not sustainable, unhealthy, it will digest the market demand in the first quarter of 2017 ahead of the next year, the impact is very large." "Because China’s auto market and China’s stock market have a common point, that is the policy market. From the information we now understand, to the end of this year, the purchase tax halved policy should be a high probability event, so based on this judgment." 02 the future will launch two models SUV "but now we see CS5, CS35, CS75, CS95, next year we will launch CS5, then according to the market situation at the right time to consider the introduction of CS5, basically the layout of Changan ended." The location features CS5, CS5 and SUV have been listed on the product from CS5, CS5 will be more emphasis on the personality, is more for is now 90 and 00 groups, CS35, CS75, CS95 of these models is more in the face of the mass market, so a locate and distinguish." 03 Changan will not launch more than 200 thousand models recently China individual brand car prices, launched a price of more than 200 thousand yuan models, for example, Dongfeng A9 trumpchi GA, trumpchi GS, this Gong Bing, there is another point of view. " Chinese car enterprises will now be modest and prudent, Chinese brand ability to support more than 200 thousand models, in the short term is not realistic. This is far from the consumer to be able to spend 200 thousand dollars to buy a domestic car so a stage, here can not go against this natural law. " "Chinese brand not far fetched, must be down-to-earth.相关的主题文章: