Do you still drive the car Careful gearbox early retirement lara fabian

Do you still drive the car? Be careful with the rapid development of the gearbox with the development of the times, the car has begun to spread to thousands of households. Long before 2000, in our country most of the vehicle or manual models; but after 2000, with the domestic car ownership growth started up, driving more and more people, manufacturers in order to facilitate the driving personnel, more and more automatic models was introduced to china. However, the automatic vehicle driving it more easily, and at the same time, but never will the brakes can throttle, driving up or some matters needing attention, so small in this article we analysis several open automatic shift of bad habits. The first point: 1, many parking readers may want to see the title: automatic car parking what is difficult, hang R files stopped directly after hanging back to the P file can not it? From a certain perspective, this is no problem, but also according to different situation to carry on the analysis, this operation is no problem in the formation of the road pavement is, if it is in the parking lot on the car with a bumper, then you need to pay attention to. Because some people are always like to operate backwards, fell to the wheel hit the bar after the collision, immediately from the R file back to the P file. Then the next open vehicle hanging back to the D file you will find from the P file, P file from the selector is particularly difficult to hang out and hang out after the vehicle is accompanied by the setback, this is why? Because the automatic models each hang P file will be a gear wheel when you hit the bumper after stepping on the brakes directly hung back to the P file, then the pressure will fall into the vehicle gearbox, gearbox equivalent to bear the vehicle parking brake work; if P gear out next time, it is equivalent to abruptly put two gears for tear, this operation of the automatic gearbox damage is very large. The right approach: reversing wheel hit the bumper, don’t hang directly back to the P file, stepping on the brakes, hang into the N file (neutral) and then release the brakes, the wheel hit the bumper after the reverse thrust is removed, and then hang into the P file, the next time you start the vehicle gear we will send a special file smoothly. 2, similar to the principle of parking on the slope, the slope of the general parking some people also like to directly from the D file back to the P file, and the next hanging out from the P file is particularly difficult to hang. The principle is the same, because doing so would put down the bear in the vehicle gear box body, so the next gear is abruptly broke two gears, it will cause damage to the gearbox. The right approach: parking on a slope, first pull the handbrake, then the brakes hang into the N file and then release the brakes, the vehicle sliding force attached to the handbrake, and then hang directly into the P file. 3, in addition, some people may have more anxious temper, reversing, when the car did not stop completely, it will be replaced by the R gear box into the D block. The vehicle may have obvious setback, and even hear gear percussion sound, so it will wear a direct call ring parts in automatic transmission. Although this part of the cost is not high, but the need to replace the entire transmission, which can be regarded as a big project. The right approach: parking.相关的主题文章: