Do not understand this, men will never cherish you happynewyear

Do not understand this, men will never cherish your concern about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: two days ago I went to the psychological test, a special wedding, just off a couple standing in front of the hotel to see my smile, very feel shy to see their eyes Dodge, look, I burst a smile, pulled out a red handed over: "happy marriage!" The groom saw the red envelope, feeling like a hot hand, say again and again do not have to, people come to good. I asked, "am I a tiger? You’re so scared of me?" The bride laughed: "he said terrible for you, read your article, you can’t face, feel naked in front of you, you said to human perception is too strong……" I am also happy: "this is a problem but oh, the general slag beauty is afraid of me, a good man is never afraid of me, because I only slag male ruthless, the gentle man is very friendly!" The groom quickly said: "I swear, I will be a good man!" Once again, I put the red envelope in the past: "I also sincerely wish you happy forever, and this is my last time to send a red envelope, next time no." The groom SAMSAM said, no next time, to ensure that no next time. I looked at his eyes, Caizhaoli walked past. The bride took note of the people also came in: "late, you will not look down on me?" I seriously shook his head: "no, feelings of choice, not only never breaking up a way, everyone will become worse, they will become good, as long as you feel good, and be able to afford any consequences, I would choose blessing. You don’t have to care about what other people think, as long as you like it." She sincerely said: "thank you, your blessing is especially important for me, makes me more confidence to face the future life." Remember I watched her go to the door welcoming thoughts are uncertain. Call her Zhao! The reason why this wedding is special, because it is not only Zhao Zhao second marriage, the groom or the same person, is her ex husband. Zhao Zhao’s story is very representative, hoping to give a little inspiration to all girls. Zhao Zhao and her husband are colleagues, the two had a love of working contacts, and all aspects of age and other conditions are well matched, two people fall in love very well, a year later, in everyone’s blessing into the marriage. After two people together to loan to buy a house, has a new look, a new pressure, in order to earn some money, after the couple discuss husband transferred to the field manager, salary rose 50%, they think two people are young, should try to earn some money, to lay the foundation for future life is to prepare for the future to the baby. Zhao Zhao also for the common goal to work harder, the couple’s savings are rich, but that Zhao Zhao Wanwan did not think of is, the husband derailed in different places, but also a year, let Zhao Zhao found. Zhao Zhao hardly wished to live. can’t believe. The husband also panicked, rushed back down to beg for mercy, says he is in)相关的主题文章: