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SEO SEO implies doing anything you can to gain the attention of search engines and receive through them more organic traffic. The term is not vague but rather it has a wide range of meanings, which is why the offers from the market vary a lot. If you are interested in search engine optimization services, it would help you to know your options before deciding what .pany to contract and what package to pay for. Behind the already popular names such as standard / basic / advanced SEO packages or silver / gold / platinum SEO packages there are generally the same benefits you can receive. It is true that their number grows together with the value of the package, but they should generally include both on page and off page optimization. A general classification may include basic/advanced campaigns, white hat/black hat campaigns, manual/automated submissions and monthly/pay-for-performance campaigns. Now let us take them one at a time: the basic/advanced differentiation usually refers to onsite and offsite services. The minimum that search engine optimization services can offer you includes analyze of the market, of your website and of your .petitors, making you re.mendations about the internal structure of the website and the content you should add. Apart from all the activity performed on your platform, there are many other things to do on the web in order to make your website more visible, and that would be the advanced part. Speaking of the advanced part, it includes directory and article submission, blog posting and .menting, press releases, social media presence and link building. Some choose to do it by the book meaning with white hat SEO techniques, while others resort to black hat SEO. This term defines a series of practices that should deceive search engines and make them offer you a higher rank without deserving it and in a shorter period. When you go for the second path, you risk losing your authority on long term because even if engines promote you, people notice that your content lacks quality. Search engine optimization services can also be divided into manual or automated campaigns. The difference is significant and if your SEO specialist avoids answering you on this question, you should be.e reluctant. Manual submissions are the best because they take longer and indicate to search engines that you are doing them rather naturally, with good intentions. When you let them use software to post thousands of .ments on the web, all linking to your website, you could trigger a red flag and be penalized. As a last differentiating factor in between different SEO packages, we should discuss the payment system. Most .panies can either work for a certain performance fee we bring you in Googles top 3 search results for these keywords and you pay us this sum of money! Naturally, this fee can be very high, particularly if the niche is .petitive or difficult to approach. Alternatively, you can choose to pay us a smaller fee on a monthly base for a given period, if we manage to generate results on the go. Either way, the monthly fee will show up in both cases because even with the pay-for-performance system, once the performance achieved, you need to do a little work to keep a website on that position. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: