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Advertising Promoting business through free classified ad portal is a regular online marketing practice. Mainly there are two types of classifieds where a marketer can post free advertisement- general classified website & category specific classified website. Many marketers emphasize to post ads on the latter site, but there are some who believe in the former method. And, there is one more group of thinkers who identify both portals alike. It is rightly said that a genius marketer is also a genius customer. As a user wherever one gets a better deal, he will visit that portal again & again. That means it is the deal that matters the most instead of platform. NO, the power lies in the rank of the classified site; the one that ranks high wins the race. But, such logics do not declare the winner between two portals. Let"s discuss the points of similarities & variation: Category An ordinary free classified ad website has many categories; you can post free advertisement by selecting an appropriate category for your product or service. On the other hand, a category specific classified portal is meant for only one industry. For example: if the business line is scientific instruments, then there will be many classified portals dedicated only to showcase & sell these products. In .parison, general classified portal has vast scope as it can show .plementary products also in search results. For example, if a user searches for a sofa set, the portal pops up with many sofa results as well as other related furniture types like center table, dining table, chair, etc. Nature of Product Out of the two, the category specific classifieds are suitable for industrial products whereas the other one for basic products and services. It is odd to find a petroleum test apparatus on a general classified website. It is the nature of product that influences the choice of online classifieds. Target Market If the target market is general users, then it is preferable to post free advertisement on ordinary classified. And, if target market is business suppliers or so, then reaching a rich category specific classified would be more beneficial. Market Influence (of classified portal) It depends upon how well an online free classified ad portal promotes itself. There are many websites that publish .mercials on TV & radio to spread awareness about their services. If you find a popular site of your business line, then you can publish your ad there otherwise post on ordinary classified portals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: