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The DPP faced "fight against" dilemma — Taiwan channel — DPP ruling more than and 100 days to protest the four polls, the blue camp anger plunge, needless to say, even the dark green also jumped out to "tear". "Independent" faction leader Wang said recently that the Taiwan authorities leaders Cai Yingwen only 4 years, do not seek re-election, because in the past, the leaders of the Taiwan region in the last two years, when they are not good to step down". Gangster forcing Gu Kuanmin to accept Taiwan’s "United Evening News" interview, the authorities did not specifically criticized the DPP cross-strait policy, Cai Yingwen maintained the "Republic of China" in this sign, is not, and is not to the majority of the people of Taiwan". After World War II, many colonies have been independently established, the only unidentified only Taiwan, to maintain the status quo to what year?" Gu Kuanmin’s meaning is very clear, is to understand the status quo of the difficulties, but do not agree with Cai Yingwen to stop here, there should be a "independent" schedule is "specific cross-strait policy". But if Cai Yingwen continues to "wasted" don’t seek re-election, because the independent faction after 4 years will not support. The words of Gu Kuanmin, it is for elder care, rather than reveal the dissatisfaction with Cai Yingwen green. The DPP seize power "slogan, work of maintaining the status quo" can not be. Dark green but actually on the slogan annoyed, election for the "big picture" reluctantly I think. Now the DPP has came to power, and his criticism of "independence" faction "any chance" until finally. Taiwan writer mulberry products contained in the China times, the author said, "independence" has a number of super chiefs, they are old, no actual authority, but the DPP has a guiding influence. Cai Yingwen was elected, they mobilized "independent" support, but they pay close attention to the policy of Cai Yingwen. Political Cai Yingwen has been "independent" kidnapping, holding the kidnapping of the rope is mainly these people. Cai Yingwen took office on the more than and 100 day, the public support rate fell sharply, the discontent of the people was due to her lackluster performance; "independence" is another discontent, is that she is not alone". More than a green heart of the green camp gangster took the opportunity to launch an attack. "Pro independence" big brother, "presidential palace" before the day before the senior minister Wu Lipei accepted radio interview said, "Premier" Lin was disqualified, the economic "not as very conservative, and no charisma, Cai Yingwen should immediately replace the whole forest," Lin absolute not absolutely step down, Lin Cai Yingwen to step down, there is no tomorrow!" Wu Lipei also said that Cai Yingwen’s appointment is the former one, there are "ghost please write the prescription", there can be no reform; especially the "foreign ministry" "Department of defense" and MAC 3 heads are advocated in principle and the "92 consensus" and Cai Yingwen’s "status quo" different, "the concept of incompatibility, how to work hard for you?" Wu Lipei said he and nephew, National Security Council Secretary General Wu Zhaoxie to discuss Li Dawei personnel arrangements, but Joseph Wu behind Li Dawei, don’t think green have the right people can do, "foreign minister" after he and Wu Zhaoxie "John", "don’t talk." "Taiwan independence" society ""相关的主题文章: