Dead collar subsidy metaphor Governance Dilemma

"Dead collar subsidy" metaphor Grassroots Governance Dilemma of some local cash grants 1 million yuan, the problem continued for 10 years; in some places have been dead for years or after the removal of "no such person", the name appears in the list of benefits of returning farmland to forest…… Recently, Hubei discipline inspection and supervision organs were investigated in some areas of false impersonator subsidy funds. Students can not bring, death can not be taken away, the death of the recipients of grants, of course, to the living flowers. Young people to eat the old man called "neet", the living eat "dead" what is called? The living dead spend money, this money can be at ease? Visible, these people’s bottom line, have fallen to negative. National compensation to farmers returning farmland to forest funds, related to the vital interests of farmers, but some people through substitution, deceive, etc. A behavior of ants, the funds into personal pockets, leading to the conversion of cropland to forest farmers may not be able to get subsidies, not returning farmland to forest people have to take a ride. In this way, not only for the benefit of returning farmland to forest discounts, related system idle, the government’s image and credibility is damaged, it will affect the stability of rural society, is a typical "negative sum game". Not only in Hubei, not only is the subsidy funds, dead to get subsidies ", taking state funds is false impersonator phenomenon banned repeatedly repeat offenders, never. "Dead collar subsidies" metaphor dilemma grass-roots governance: one is system facing conduction loss". In nature, no matter what forms of energy loss phenomenon exists in the conduction process, the more the more weak. The system is the same, from top to bottom through different levels of conduction to the grassroots level will be more or less aliasing. Returning farmland to forest is not clear rules ("forest regulations" from the beginning of January 20, 2003 Implementation), may fall on the nerve endings, procedures, supervision and regulation of opaque loose, easily becomes false impersonator. Two, the system is facing acquaintance society". The common problem of acquaintances society is to let the principle of human feelings, the rules to the unspoken rules. The rural society of acquaintances, the old man died, we are strict, crystal clear, dead to get subsidies "impossible in the rural areas, the results due to various reasons, often go the other way: see through, don’t put it bluntly. Hubei some shadow people to receive subsidies for the conversion of farmland to forest for 8 years, is based on these realities. The countryside is a society of acquaintances, it is difficult to change, can make adjustment is that of returning farmland to forest subsidies benefit the management of special funds more closely, leaving no loopholes drilling for some people. For example, in the issuance of the program, if there is no intermediate links, directly hit the farmers capital account, it is easy to make the means stiffer, and hence capital "paomaodilou". If the money directly into the farmer’s personal account, and then with the funeral, household registration management, etc., the dead do not receive subsidies so easy to operate. Again, the use of big data, from the incremental reform efficiency. In the past, due to the existence of the information barriers between the various functional departments, individual departments of agricultural subsidies receive the real situation can not be timely and thorough "see through", "poor information", "time difference" for false impersonator, embezzled, and other bad behavior made by gifted affectionate friends.相关的主题文章: