Cross domain integration and win-win alliance power consumption upgrade technology and management of crycry

The marriage of cross domain integration and win-win power consumption upgrade – Sohu of science and technology of China and South Korea in October 28, 2016 hit, hosted by TheBell and IUIA Innovation Alliance International University of South Korea’s three largest financial media group of MoneyToday’s "2016 Asia-Born 2 Global Camp" South Korea venture summit in South Korea was successfully held in Seoul. The surprise is the summit and I have participated in various Internet Conference is different, take the open speech + Mongolia package of roundtable discussions, convenient between investors and entrepreneurs great communication. As people from the media are invited, I participated in the whole communication and exchange of five South Korean business projects, but also indirectly help them provide some operational advice and market resource recommendation, after all, often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes, "Li Jiacheng drivers have been nurtured into millions of millionaires, more I don’t mention this venue wizard. Relative to the domestic entrepreneurs who, South Korean entrepreneurs who gave me the impression is particularly marked. Sometimes the wind is wild beauty, the intelligent development of Korea Obama, dominate the global VR game Super confidence workaholic, unknown to the public background work of advertisers, also have to solve life problems eating a good man. Many projects with the domestic market environment is also a short market for the short board is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs, not only need money, but more importantly, resources or strategic guidance. China and South Korea held the cross domain management summit provides a very good platform for investors and entrepreneurs between two objects. In the process of communication, the problem is generally faced by entrepreneurs in Korea is a small market, scarce resources, the last is the lack of money. This may be related to the Korean population. After all, a mobile APP in Korea, there are hundreds of thousands of downloads have been very good, it can be regarded as a sign of success. But in China, estimated that even before 10 are not in the. This also indirectly reflects the narrow sense of the Korean Entrepreneurs market. After the meeting back, think carefully, in addition to the common problems faced by entrepreneurs, the Korean Entrepreneurs are basically related to the market environment of the project. Such as fashion, games, education, health care, etc.. In contact with the five projects, there are two projects let me shine, one called "Style Wiki", a call". "Style Wiki is the flagship of Korean fashion, fashion is a main technology of intelligent enterprise, into the final of the Tel Aviv Korean entrepreneurship competition division; the largest European entrepreneurship conference in PIONEERS, was selected as the GLOBAL TOP150 STARTUP, by virtue of its own social media accumulated 500 thousand social marketing power, is actively expanding with the Chinese line market opportunities for cooperation. First, the company name card book feeling summary information give people is the most fashionable fashion fashion, CEO is wearing a thick Korean fashion, cool autumn, awfully. This seems to think and South Korea are environment related to it. A series is mainly to do VR games. In my impression, VR production)相关的主题文章: