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Mobile-Cell-Phone Cricket Wireless a provider of prepaid service was founded in 1999 by Leap Wireless, which was taken over just recently in 2013 by AT&T. Cricket Wireless have now upgraded to provide high quality prepaid service which includes new Coverage of 4G LTE. Their new coverage now en.passes close to 300 million people in the United States. Cricket is also offering a healthy assortment of phones to go well with its affordable and reliable prepaid plans. Their phones except for the iPhone .e along with a $50 mail-in refund. Customers now have a wide variety of Windows and Android phones to choose from, all of which .e at affordable prices. Cricket Wireless has also managed to open 3000 stores which have been redesigned after the takeover by AT&T. Visit the closes Cricket Wireless store to choose from the best new phones in the market. Customers have appreciated the wide range of phones that Cricket Wireless offers in their store and on their website. Their new coverage of thee 4G LTE service now extends to close to 300 million customers in the United States. They have also improved their international calling, texting and messaging to include close to 35 countries. Their new coverage makes it possible for customers to browse on the internet and talk on their phones at the same time. The wide range of phones that Cricket offers paired with their affordable prepaid plans have made Cricket a popular choice for customers requiring a wireless service provider. Cricket’s unlimited plans start from $35 including a $5 Auto Pay credit, moreover the price mentioned is always inclusive of taxes. If any customer happens to exceed his or her limit for wireless internet then Cricket Wireless provides a speed of 128 kbps, but does not charge any money for exceeding the limit. Cricket Wireless also have a popular referral program using which customers can be able to earn an account credit of $25 for every successful referrer. Customers can easily earn up to $250 of account credit just by referring their friends and family to use Cricket Wireless. Moreover, Cricket Wireless offers quite a variety when it .es to phones, hence it would be simple to find the phone for your use. Customers who have been loyal to cricket often .mend the Wireless service provider for offering the best phones in the market. Their new coverage of 4G LTE covers close to 97% of the United States and reaches close to 300 million users. Cricket Wireless has been popular amongst users who require a reliable wireless service without an annual contract. The prices at Cricket Wireless are extremely affordable, they .e inclusive of taxes, and customers also get a chance for $5 Auto Pay Credit. If you would like a new cricket wireless hours, you could always visit their closest store or long in to their website cricketwireless.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: