Creating True Relationships Is The Key To Your Success-ajviewer

Networking Did you know that the key to your success is the true relationships that you build, your own personal network. It is the people that you help without hesitation and you bring real value to their life. I did not understand that when I first started in network marketing, I was just told to go out and recruit, just get your people so you can make some money. So, that is what I did. The average person in Network Marketing recruits about 2.6 people and well I did that my first day. As I started to recruit people and my downline was starting to grow and the checks started to come, I thought that I had finally made it, then something happened that I did not expect or know about. Attrition started to set into my business. For those of you who dont know what attrition is, well lets just say, for ever two I recruited, four quit. I started to get really annoyed at first, I thought How dare they quit, dont they know that this business is going to change their life? Then I started to get scared because if they were all quitting my money would stop. It took me a long time to realize that the reason that some of them were quitting was because I did not take the time to build a relationship with them. I dont mean the type where we just sit around drink tea and just talk about nothing. I mean where I took the time to see why they decided to join my MLM, what their goals where, what their WHY was. I never took the time to offer them some real value, to see what it was that I could do to help them reach their goals. I started to surf around on the internet and I found that people had huge personal networks which in turn created them huge downlines, which created financial success, so I decided to study them to see what they were doing and how I could do what they were doing and offer that kind of value. I needed to know how could I use my time efficiently to reach more people and to find out more about them to help them achieve their goals. I soon realized that the more value you offer the more relationships you start to build. I learned that instead of just recruiting and just offering them my business, that if I actually starting GIVING people what they want I would in turn get what I want. I started giving people value, I started to show people how to market on the internet, how to create a blog, how to write an article, how to use social media, etc. and I did it using a simple system. The system showed me that I can teach, train and cultivate relationships by attracting to me people who I want to work with and want to work with me and then offer them help and by doing that my network of people has started to grow. My downline has started to grow again, I am meeting new and interesting people all because I learned that the most important key to my success is in relationship building. When people learn to trust you because you are not trying to push you business down their throat, they then will respect you and when you do have something to say they will listen and follow. Once I started to utilize that one principle and teach others the same, my business and my personal network exploded. Learn that one simple principle and watch it do the same for you. Visit my blog Lori Robertsons MLM Success Camp for inspiration, tips, training and, personal development If you want to learn how to build your personal network by cultivating true relationships utilizing the internet visit About the Author: 相关的主题文章: