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Corn girl: Oates pen 7 nightmare takes you through desire and greed – Sohu read first pages: basic information + no one knows my name (1)   Title: corn girl — Oates nightmare stories by Joyce? Carol? Oates translator: Zhou Jia Ning press: Yilin press time: November 2015 Author: Joyce Carol Oates (1938 -), a famous contemporary American novelist, a fellow of the American College of literature and art, twice entered the Nobel Prize nomination last, known as the "female Faulkner". Oates has revealed the violence and crime phenomenon in American society is known for his works constitute a panorama of contemporary American society as a whole. Since 1963, published the first collection of short stories "north side", Oates has been active in American literary world, her works have been published, the novel of 40. Representative works include "the cousins" "they" "paradise" "dark water" "waterfall" etc.. Brief introduction: "corn Maiden: Oates nightmare tales" featuring Oates in 1996 to seven in 2011 is horrible story. One evening, the girl in the pink hair disappeared from a single mother’s home, and her butterfly was found near the parking spaces of the eccentric male teacher, while the strange girl sent a white bouquet. The twin brothers from the womb to compete with each other until the grudges, bullies and bullies the common destruction, to be a hard "fossil like you and i". Plastic surgeon Lucas in order to save the economic situation of the clinic, and repeatedly break through the bottom line of professional ethics, and today the last customer of Irma’s request is: cut a hole in her head"……. Oates with keen insight and master brushwork, description of ordinary people is difficult to curb the desire, greed, jealousy, weakness, fear, show hidden in the face of life under the seven personal nightmare. [content] a nobody knows my name to Alan Tero as she was nine years old, was a precocious child. Even when she saw the cat. Like breathing light grey cat before she knew the danger, the cat has two golden brown eyes, squatting in the deep red peony flowers outside, calmly watching her. It’s summer. They say it’s the baby’s first summer. In a Dylan duck Mountain Cloud Lake summer house, there are dark pebbles and big stone built stove, large two floor terrace, step up like floating in the air, without any support. St. Cloud Lake neighbors house is hidden among trees, almost invisible, so love her. Ghost houses and their tenants. Can sometimes hear voices or music, recorder, and the morning came from the lake barking, but the cat did not sound — this is their special. For the first time she saw the pale grey cat, and was surprised that it did not follow it (in the case of the grey cat’s pronoun, sometimes "it", sometimes "he"), the Chinese counterpart was "it" and "he" The cat looked at her and she looked at the cat. She felt as if she knew it相关的主题文章: