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Comments received: stock index over 0.08% of Onchocerca Hongzhang to change the concept of the rise of the gem fell 0.65% hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to make you take the Sina Financial day will always let you hearing Friday morning you. By the impact of external market, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities to open lower, opened after the shock down, the gem led by the two cities, Sinochem and Chinese came after chemical group or merger related stocks quickly pulled up. Afternoon opening, the two cities narrowed, the rise of the concept of SOE reform. Near the end of the stock index rose red. On the surface, the hot spot is more scarce, the subject shares in the doldrums, the concept of debt has been divided, stocks overall rose more or less the pattern. As of the close, the stock index at 3063.73 points, up 2.39 points, or 0.08%, Shenzhen component index reported 10759.68 points, down 27.81 points, or 0.26%, entrepreneurship blackboard 2194.23 points, down 14.34 points, or 0.65%. Volume 163 billion 790 million Shenzhen, Shanghai stock market turnover, turnover of 259 billion 790 million, the two cities a total turnover of 423 billion 580 million. The concept of a strong Internet sector, network software limit, Chinese Unicom rose more than 9%, Tymoshenko shares, Pak holding, Wu Tong holdings, panda holdings, Tonghua Dongbao rose in front. The prefix concept of higher in international trading, Chinese Unicom, China Air China, Chinese iron, iron, China China CCCC, Chinese Chinese chemical, railway construction, Chinese building or front. The rise of the concept of the reform of state-owned enterprises, Jinquan Ye Trading, China Jihua Group, China Unicom, DESAY battery, three technology, Zhangze Power or front. The outdoor sports industry upstream, Sanfo trading, Jihua Group, Lehman shares, Zhejiang newspaper media, Lansheng shares, CITIC Guoan, Shenzhen Hui Cheng or front. Outlook: Aviation securities from today’s market performance, leading debt Hyde shares four consecutive daily limit after opening, causing the plate overall differentiation; while the second new plate all day long is relatively stable, deep sub shares index (399678) was stronger than the other index; in view of this, we believe that the latter is expected to heat plate the gradual release of the plate, to keep track of strategy. In addition, China Unicom, led by mixed ownership reform sector, the short term is also worthy of attention. Summary: the stock index slightly adjusted yet benign, investors still need not too panic, short-term strategies continue to be effective, the position control is the core means of risk control; finally give investors a word: the importance of the system is always higher than the mere sense of disk operation, with regular system instead of random transactions is long for the protection of profit. Alltronics Investment: long before and after this round of rebound to stabilize prices, since the 2969 point rally started, the index closed out the seven Yin and yang. Recently, six Yang, the last two trading days is basically false candle, with volume, also present peatlands, shrinking trend adjustment. From the trend of the average system, the number of moving average has been short on相关的主题文章: