Chongqing daughter-in-law to her husband plus beauty test loyalty cheated 1 million 400 thousand restorator

Chongqing wife to her husband tried to add beauty faithful cheated 1 million 400 thousand lead: middle-aged couples passion retreat, Chongqing woman is her husband with that beautiful friends "to tempt the faithful husband. Unexpectedly, the price of this trial was 1 million 400 thousand. Chongqing daughter-in-law to her husband plus beauty test cheated 1 million 400 thousand Chongqing morning news on November 7th, people into the middle age, how to make love fresh, became a part of Liang Lin is very distressed. Do not pay attention to dress, she was often joked with her colleagues, her husband is afraid to derail". Colleagues joke into the hearts of Liang Lin cannot untie the knot. In order to test her husband’s loyalty, she added a woman with her husband’s micro signal. Which know that this move so that the couple accidentally fall into a fraud scam two, the loss of more than 140 yuan. November 6th, the upper reaches of the news – Chongqing morning news reporter learned from the Yuzhong District Procuratorate, the implementation of fraud 7 suspects have been arrested for prosecution. They use the software to WeChat location change to Chongqing, Changsha and other places, to love the name of friends, chat with each other to generate trust, his friends can hack into gambling website to modify the odds, ensure not lose as bait, lured the victim to bet, the implementation of fraud. His wife’s routine in March 11th this year, Cai Zheng, who lives in a district of Yuzhong in the use of mobile phones, WeChat found a new addition to the net friend. The user’s nickname is a sweet smile, the head is a real beauty. Cai Zheng looked at each other’s circle of friends, which also has a lot of life, and found that it is really a beautiful young woman. "Sweet smile" is not out of thin air, Cai Zheng did not think that this netizen is actually his wife Liang Lin "the bureau". His wife heard a lot of rumors in the unit, worried that middle-aged people they can’t seize the gold heart of her husband, so in March 10th, she secretly with Cai Zheng’s mobile phone, search nearby people by WeChat, added a "beauty", want to test her husband. Second days after Cai Zheng found that, anyway, things online elusive, will hold a talk attitude, initiative and the other party dozen Hello chat. Sweet smile is also very talkative. The other told Cai Zheng, his name is Cheng Lili, Hangzhou, a company in Shanghai to do software, is currently on a business trip in Chongqing. A few days, two people chat began being ambiguous. Cai Zheng felt just to please the other favor, find amusement when the occasion arises, the signature is changed into "it happened". Cheng Lili saw, bluntly moved. A few days later, Cheng Lili said he had just returned to work in Shanghai, a cold. Cai Zheng kindly reminded her to take medicine on time and get well soon. However, Cai Zheng WeChat behavior from time to time, WeChat has attracted the attention of Liang Lin. At the end of March, Lin Liang while her husband was not in, look at the mobile phone in chat. Not only to find her husband in a trap, and beauty talk, suddenly fly into a rage. Husband and wife two people quarrel, but Cai Zheng still do, continue to chat with Cheng Lili. Friends of the couple to the freezing point of the routine, but soon turn. And Liang Lin had a big fight, Cai Zheng find Cheng Lili complaints, and asked about her life in Shanghai. Cheng Lili straight相关的主题文章: