Chinese characters in the game or will join the Yang Yongxin high ticket lead invictus gaming

The game will join or Chinese monsters Yang Yongxin high ticket ahead often buy Games in the Steam game player of the game "some" don’t feel strange, as a multiplayer horror game (4V1), by Behaviour Digital Starbreeze Studios Inc. development, issued "some" has been widely praised in Steam the user, in the game, one acted as savage killer, the other four play to escape. The survivors will try to escape from the brutal killer, so as to avoid the risk of being brutally killed. In the domestic forum of Steam Steamcn, a ID Esther Steam Dev Days (user in mutual exchanges between the organized by Valve and a game developers Summit) and "dawn" to developers of communication, the expression of love for the Chinese game player, and the "dawn" of murder developers in order to thank Chinese game player support, plans to launch a China style monster. Esther in the forum created a vote post, posted a number of game player that can join the "dawn" of the China murderous monster, but there is a "monster" style slightly surprised, he is – Yang Yongxin magnetic infantry. Must have no one to the name "Yang Yongxin" feel strange, after all his deeds are also notorious repute on why "Yang Yongxin added," this option, "said Esther, Professor Yang" the story was consistent with the standard…… Although there are four days before voting until the end, but…… Professor Yang is leading the high ticket. Esther said even if it is Yang Yongxin the most votes, also won’t use his image, but from the side to insinuate. In addition to the Steamcn forum to vote, Esther also launched the same vote in micro-blog, of course, Professor Yang, leading all the way. If you want to contribute, you can go to the polls. "The living daylights" hope developers can keep their promise to bring real magnetic infantry for us…… (VGTIME)相关的主题文章: