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Children need a pillow? When is it used? In the end how to choose? Sohu mother and child |OK mother often asked her mother, the baby can not sleep ah pillow, pillow experience to share, pillow, pillow, fast write"…… To tell the truth, the pillow thing, I personally do not have too much anxiety, but I know that each one of the mother of the Baby Super exquisite, it should not be used, we must find out the truth. Is the baby sleeping pillow comfortable? In order to let the baby sleep well, parents always think the whole point of what a mattress cover should have thick, soft, so the pillow, high or low? Hard or soft? A pillow pad will not be too uncomfortable, comfortable or uncomfortable baby will not say, in the end is a plus or minus points, we have to look at the facts. Need not to need to use a pillow, is determined by the curvature of the neck. Adults are the reason why we adults sleep with a pillow will be comfortable, because we have a neck neck. The following figure shows that the human spine has four physiological curves. When sleeping, the pillow has played the role of supporting the physiological curvature of the neck, and the better the more comfortable. In addition to the cervical curvature parts to fit the thickness of pillow and everyone asked local differences, some people put a pillow and sleep is not good, so some high-end restaurants will provide two pillows, a thick one thin. This is because the fat, the fat thickness is not a neck back, either flat or side, the same level only in the pillow bottom and back, will feel comfortable. So the pillow can not only fit the thickness and neck, must also be appropriate in order to achieve the best effect. The baby is so so in babies, should choose what kind of pillow can best fit the cervical curvature? Sorry, no! Babies don’t even have a neck. As shown below. The neck of the newborn is straight, and at the age of four, it is a little bent. So, in theory, for the baby, let the cervical comfortable flat, is not something any pad. Instead of causing unnecessary pressure on their cervical vertebrae. When Bao Baogang was born, his head was almost the same size as his shoulder. When lying on the back, and the back of the head in the same plane. Side, head and body are in the same plane, the neck is soft and flat. At this time with a pillow on the baby’s cervical spine but oppression. Premature pillow, resulting in excessive neck anteversion, unfavorable airway patency. In the baby’s sleep, breathing difficulties, will cause an increase in night wake, sleep, and even the risk of suffocation. Children with different ages with what pillows are so true to four years old with a pillow? Not. With the change of head and body proportions, back fat thickness, dressing thickness, and the dependent children pillow (at the age of one or two children with adults, pillow imitation school) these are parents can signal through observation and your baby sent to consider whether the pillow. One year old is not recommended to use the pillow相关的主题文章: