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UnCategorized Charlotte chiropractic care is definitely warranted for those in .fortable old shoes. Nurses, hotel door attendants, cashiers, bank tellers, and auto mechanics beware: those .fortable old shoes you wear could be more harmful than helpful. Few people, if anyone, enjoy breaking in new shoes, especially those who hold occupations that require workers to stand or walk for long hours. The reason we wear shoes is to protect and support our feet. Your shoes and spine Most people are unaware that shoes wear out just like car tires. What this means is that those .fortable shoes that we believe to be so .fortable may actually be hurting us in the long run. Studies have shown that the average pair of shoes has a lifespan of about 500 miles. This means that people in occupations like nursing, law enforcement, flight attendants, and food service workers can wear out a pair of shoes in three or four months. Ironically, occupations that could keep us fit and healthy could be potentially damaging to our spine. The following are some tips offered by the best Charlotte chiropractic care to help improve and maintain your spinal alignment. Monitor your footwear Whether you work on your feet all day or not, it is important that your shoes are supportive and .fortable. After you have worn them for a few months, look at the heels and determine how they are wearing. If you notice uneven wearing or rounding of the heels, you could have a misalignment in your spine or pelvis. Just like your car tires, the heels of your shoes should wear evenly and never round off on the inside or the outside. Practice good posture Proper posture is crucial. Unfortunately, nearly everyone slouches or slumps to some degree. Whether it is sitting in our office chair or sofa or the way we walk, we all need to make improvements in this area. The head should always be over the shoulders, looking forward, and not downward. The chin and nose should be pointed upwards, at least horizontal. Poor head position is also a leading cause of neck pain. Exercise regularly The average person should engage in about 20 minutes of continuous strong walking with intent focus to get the heart rate up. Exercise is not about body weight alone. Walking is a natural way to get muscles stronger to enable an individual to hold a natural and healthy posture. The best chiropractic care in Charlotte These simple tips can greatly improve your spinal health, but it is also important to seek Charlotte chiropractic care for a professional source for good health. Chiropractors of Charlotte, NC, diagnose and treat every patient individually. They take into account the unique underlying factors and issues affecting the patient. Their goal is to help everyone achieve optimal health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: