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CES debut next year’s FF production car can save music as it? Sohu – small car Trappen? A solemn statement lashed out at the media misreading, even the core information are used to be two words. Yesterday evening, LETV car people sleep late, the car is still is a sleepless night. The reason is that foreign media exposed LETV has invested heavily in the United States in the construction of the automobile production plant was shut down, quickly follow up reports of domestic media translation. So, according to the music, according to a statement that he is good, there is no downtime, the responsibility to push the media misreading, full of routines. However, probably because the parties have been questioned recently followed LETV in disarray, the car is still carefully read this statement, simply cidiwuyin three hundred Its loopholes appeared one after another., two shows the status of music as the repairer! The car is king really unbearable, only a crack up, hope to be able to keep some of you just wake up Grandpa mao. What’s the matter? First, Faraday future (FaradayFuture referred to as FF), said this round of rumors untrue part of the media misread the relevant statement caused by the FF spokesman". So let’s take a look at this round of false rumors is what. Things from November 15th, Reuters published an article entitled "Work halts on Nevada car plant as troubles mount for Chinese entrepreneur." report, translated "is Chinese entrepreneurs in trouble, Nevada automotive plant shutdown," wrote that, on the same day, a spokesman for FF declined to confirm whether or not to pay on time, but said in the factory "adjustment" and AECOM is "cooperation", and plans to restart the plant construction work in 2017. Note that FF speakers here in English is "restart", that is, restart, no downtime, how to restart? (please remember the key speaker, especially after the half, it will help you test the detective skill in the following) Automotive News Headlines Reuters signed "the electric car startup FF, Nevada" plant shutdown for 16 days, the domestic media on this translation report, the news quickly in the circle of friends shuabing. A few hours later, FF micro-blog has posted a three point statement in response: 1, the current FF funds have been put in place; 2, FF Nevada factory never shut down, has successfully completed the first phase of construction, and will enter the second phase of construction in February next year; 3, FF will be the first production car in 2017 the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on debut. At first glance, this is just an ordinary enterprise crisis public relations statement only, but this statement is too careful look at talk ambiguously, Shangjun to Its loopholes appeared one after another. car, when the blind. Here we have to carefully examine the authenticity of a probe. First, obviously, the whole thing is the first suspension of the sequence of events, news, and foreign media interview, then FF response, finally FF said in response to media misreading. So, how can we say that the shutdown of 8相关的主题文章: