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UnCategorized Lately there’s been such a huge surge in the advancements in cell phone technology that it’s starting to make people wonder if there is any point in buying the best phone on the market at the time? The Speed At Which We Move It’s not just the cell phone industry that seems to be moving too fast for people to keep up with, but basically consumer electronics in general. I mean videos are a thing of the past, which I think is absolutely ridiculous. DVD’s are the worst invention to .e out of recent history. Every time I go to put a DVD into my DVD player, half way into the movie I find out the DVD is scratched and I have to put up with constant skipping. Eventually I just end up turning it off! So it makes you wonder, is there any need to buy the most up to date phone on the market? I mean potentially at the same time you’re purchasing that phone, another one is being released with even better features than the one you’re getting. So what are the biggest factors for you when buying a new cell phone? For me there are a few things that I have .e to enjoy and are musts for the phone I plan to buy. A Good Camera Now I’m a pretty big skeptic when it .es to…basically anything, but when the first digital camera was attached to a cell phone I had to say that it was a pretty damn good invention. So as a result, the phone I have must always have a great camera. I just find it so handy to be able to take photos whenever you want. You never know when a great moment is going to arise that needs capturing. So a good camera is a must. Cell phones .ing out now are pushing the limits when it .es to quality in the camera department. Some are .ing out with 3.2 megapixel camera, which is soon going to be.e standard. I mean why would you even need to buy a separate camera, when you have one just as good on your phone? How Tough Is Your Phone? One thing that I think is absolutely crap, is when you buy a phone and the whole thing is made out of plastic! I mean, if you drop it once, it’s all over! You’ll have to go down to the shopping center and get yourself a new plastic phone, which you’re likely to break again. There are however some phone .panies that steer away from these cheap piece of crap plastic phones and use stronger materials like graphite. My phone now is made out of graphite and I have dropped it a few times, but it seems to withstand my constant clumsiness! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: