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and the upcoming construction of meteorological observation 青海大学教务处

Wang Yi: the South China Sea is non military not only for a country’s financial Sohu – 17, foreign minister Wang Yi in Beijing with Australian Foreign Minister Bishop held diplomatic and strategic dialogue Australia third met with reporters after. Wang Yi of China in the South China Sea Islands military facilities, Philippines unilaterally filed an arbitration case, how to break the current South Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and other issues that stand dilemma. According to the military standard can not be implemented multiple non Wang Yi said the website of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Nansha islands, China Co., the deployment of the necessary defense facilities in the Nansha islands garrison, is exercised in accordance with international law any sovereign state right of self preservation and self-defense, without rebuke, has nothing to do with the military. I hope the media pay more attention to the lighthouse in the China stationed reef has been built, and the upcoming construction of meteorological observation, forecast fishing shelter emergency emergency facilities, this is the largest Chinese as the South China Sea coastal state for the international community to provide public service products. Wang Yi stressed that non militarization is in accordance with the interests of all parties, but non militarization should not be directed to a single country, nor can it be implemented with double or multiple standards. The non militarization of the South China Sea requires efforts both within and outside the country. We note the joint statement of the just concluded informal meeting of the US ASEAN leaders. The United States and ASEAN are committed to non militarization and hope that this commitment will be made. Nanhai arbitration, the South China Sea arbitration case or the purpose of Tibetan politics, Wang Yi stressed that Philippines insisted on promoting arbitration practice is knowing that can not be done for it. First of all, Philippines has not unilaterally negotiated arbitration with the Chinese side, which violates the general international practice of arbitration which should be agreed by the parties. Secondly, it violates the agreements signed by the Chinese side to resolve disputes through bilateral consultations and negotiations. Furthermore, in violation of the president of Philippines signed the "Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China Sea" fourth, which is directly related to the sovereign state regulations to solve the South China Sea disputes through friendly consultations and negotiations. Finally, the violation of the premise of arbitration should be the common sense of exhausting all bilateral approaches. Wang Yi said, Philippines proposed treachery Nanhai arbitration, so we have to suspect that behind the Philippines not hit back wall is not whether the practice has complicated international background, even the hidden political purpose not to be divulged. North Korea nuclear test star science must pay Wang Yi said that the North Korean nuclear test satellite launch, continuous violation of Security Council resolutions, should pay the price. The Security Council is speeding up negotiations to form a new resolution aimed at preventing North Korea from moving further into developing nuclear weapons. At the same time, the parties can not give up their efforts to resume talks, and should not give up the responsibility for peace and stability of the peninsula. Although the crux of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula in China, but as host of the six party talks, China has been in an objective and fair stance and actively discuss the possible ways to solve the problem. To this end, China proposes a negotiation approach to realize the denuclearization of the peninsula and the parallel transformation of the peninsula’s stop and shift mechanism. We believe that this idea is conducive to perfectly logical and reasonable, to solve the nuclear issue fundamentally, China is willing to work with all parties to this specific in-depth study.

王毅:南海非军事化不能仅针对一国-搜狐财经   17日,外交部长王毅在北京与澳大利亚外长毕晓普举行第三轮中澳外交与战略对话后共同会见记者。王毅就中方在南海岛礁的军事设施、菲律宾单方面提起南海仲裁案、如何破解当前朝鲜半岛核问题困局等问题表明了立场。据外交部网站  南沙岛礁  非军事化不能实施多重标准  王毅表示,中方在驻守的有关南沙岛礁上部署有限、必要的防卫设施,是行使根据国际法赋予任何主权国家的自保权和自卫权,无可非议,与军事化无关。希望媒体更多关注中国在驻守岛礁上已经建成的灯塔,以及即将建设的气象观察预报、渔船避风救险应急设施,这是中国作为南海最大沿岸国为国际社会提供的公共服务产品。  王毅强调,非军事化符合各方利益,但非军事化不能仅仅针对单一国家,也不能实施双重或多重标准。南海非军事化需要有关域内和域外国家一道作出努力。我们注意到刚刚结束的美国-东盟领导人非正式会议联合声明。美方和东盟承诺实施非军事化,希望这一承诺说到做到。  南海仲裁  南海仲裁案或藏政治目的  王毅强调,菲律宾执意推进仲裁的做法是明知不可为而为之。首先,菲律宾不经与中方协商,单方面强行提起仲裁,违反了仲裁需由当事方同意的一般国际实践。其次,违反了和中方签署的多项通过双边协商谈判解决有关争议的协议。再者,违反了菲律宾总统签字的《南海各方行为宣言》第四条,即由直接有关的主权国家通过友好磋商和谈判来解决南海有关争端的规定。最后,违反了提起仲裁的前提条件应是穷尽所有双边途径的常识。  王毅表示,菲律宾背信弃义提出南海仲裁案,使我们不得不怀疑,菲律宾这种不撞南墙不回头的做法背后是否有复杂的国际背景,甚至隐藏着不可告人的政治目的。  朝核问题  朝核试射星理应付出代价  王毅表示,朝鲜核试射星,连续违反安理会决议,理应为此付出代价。  安理会正在加快磋商,以形成新的决议,旨在阻止朝鲜在开发核武的道路上越走越远。与此同时,各方不能放弃复谈的努力,不能放弃对半岛和平稳定承担的责任。  尽管半岛核问题症结不在中国,但作为六方会谈的东道主,中方一直本着客观公正的立场,与各方积极探讨解决问题的可行途径。为此,中方提出实现半岛无核化与半岛停和机制转换并行推进的谈判思路。  我们认为,这一思路是合情合理的,有利于从根本上解决半岛核问题,中方愿适时与各方就此进行具体深入探讨。相关的主题文章:

reporter Zhao Wenjun 绵亘的近义词

The Spring Festival Golden Week national courier business volume grew 25%- Sohu securities Beijing Xinhua News Agency on 14 February, (reporter Zhao Wenjun) 14 reporter learned from the State Post Bureau, February 6th to 12, the whole network express business a total of more than 10 million, grow about 25% compared with the same period last year. Among them, the postal EMS and SF assume the entire network business accounted for more than 90%, compared with the same period last year increased by 2 percentage points, becoming the main force of the courier service under the "Spring Festival mode". According to statistics, the Spring Festival 7 days, express business volume presents U shape trend, 8 days after reaching trough, continued to rise, 12 day business volume rise rapidly, 12 day express volume about 2 million 900 thousand pieces. Wuhan post EMS Jiang Xing Lu football cast ministry courier Zhou Zhi said, during the Spring Festival, the recipient after opening a surprise, but also for their best wishes for a happy new year. The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end and the quantity of express starts to pick up again." Zhou Zhencheng, the courier of Guangzhou Tangxia sorting center, said. State Post Bureau responsible person, with the end of the express "Spring Festival" mode and the arrival of the Western Valentine’s day, the courier industry will quickly enter the normal production state, ushered in the first small business peak of the new year. Author: Zhao Wenjun, Xinhua News Agency)

春节黄金周全国快递业务量同比增长25%-搜狐证券   新华社北京2月14日电(记者赵文君)记者14日从国家邮政局获悉,2月6日至12日,全网快递业务总量超过1000万件,与去年同期相比增长约25%。其中,邮政EMS和顺丰承担全网业务量占比超过90%,与去年同期相比增加2个百分点,成为“春节模式”下的快递服务主力军。  据统计,春节7天,快递业务量呈现U形趋势,8日抵达波谷之后持续上升,12日业务量快速上升,12日当天快件量约290万件。  武汉邮政EMS江兴路揽投部快递员周志将说,春节期间,收件人开门后的一瞬惊喜,也是对自己最好的新年祝福。“春节假期快结束,快递量开始回升。”顺丰广州棠下分拣中心的快递员周振成说。  国家邮政局相关负责人介绍,随着快递“春节模式”的结束和西方情人节的到来,快递行业将迅速进入正常的生产状态,迎来新年第一个业务小高峰。  作者:赵文君来源新华社)相关的主题文章:

book corbett elephant safari 雪山飞狐老版

By: Varun Shrivastava | Feb 12th 2012 – The best way to explore the Jim Corbett National Park is by Elephant Safari. By this way you can easily investigate the life of wild animals in the tiger reserve. Tags: elephant safaris in corbett, corbett elephant safari, book corbett elephant safari, book your elephant safari in corbett. Book Your Corbett Safari Ride In Advance By: Varun Shrivastava | Feb 6th 2012 – Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best places for the wild life, nature and the adventure lovers. Tags: corbett national park, elephant safari in corbett, jeep safari in corbett, Corbett Jungle Safari [1]» 相关的主题文章:

Canopy Adventures Tour 天津大学就业指导中心

Home-and-Family Awesome Canopy Tours in Puerto Vallarta The Puerto Vallarta Canopy Tours uses an outdoor adventure style to expose the guests to the wonders and importance of nature. Through a zip lined cable, guests can tour a natural forest and have a great adventure at the same time. Guests can transfer from one platform to another where forest trees, plants and rare animals can also be seen. Concerning safety, competent personnel operate the Canopy tours using safety procedures and cables are rigidly anchored. Added to the canopy ride adventure is Tarzan Swing and rappelling down tall tropical trees which could be enjoyed both by adults and children. To make the Puerto Vallarta vacation more exciting, one can select and sign up with the tour company being preferred which may include Canopy El Eden Tour, Canopy Adventures Tour, Canopy Los Veranos Tour, Canopy Mundo Nogalito, and Canopy La Vista Tour. Dolphin Interaction in Puerto Vallarta Dolphins being an intelligent marine mammal make them trainable and also make them attractive creatures. The whole family particularly the children would love to view them and a close encounter with these creatures would be more exciting. Dolphin encounters in Puerto Vallarta are sought by both local and foreign tourists. Tourists can firsthand witness the bottlenose dolphins, get acquainted with them, and get close with them in the water. The entire experience is guided by trainers and biologists who can let you pet, touch, kiss, and feed them plus swim along with them. Be a dolphin trainer for one day and learn how to gain their trust in Vallarta Adventures Trainer for a Day program. Here are some other options to choose from if you want to experience this once in a lifetime adventure: Aquaventuras Park, Vallarta Adventures Dolphin Encounter and Signature Dolphin Swim, Dolphin Adventure Centers Dolphin Swim Experience, and Dolphin Discoverys Dolphin Royal Swim Tour. Puerto Vallarta at Night The night offers as much fun as there is during the day time in Puerto Vallarta. You are sure to find your night party haven in this amusing city without having to look that far. Restaurants which close late and local and international nightlife entertainment are plentiful in the city. Clubs and discos holding parties till late dawn and even up to early morning line up the old cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta. For an outdoor fun, beach parties are held on the white powdery beaches under the moonlight and with fresh ocean breeze till early morning featuring dances, music, and a lot drinks. For party goers who dont want the hassle of going to farther destinations to party, hotels and resorts are organizing night parties in the hotel which is more or less similar to other party venues outside filled with drinks, sumptuous cuisines, and energetic music and dances. Enthralling Rhythms of the Night Tour The diverse beauty of Puerto Vallarta is both captivating and charming whether day or night. Catch every inch of excitement in Rhythms of the Night tour. A boat ride across the Bay of Banderas under the romantic moonlight while flames from torches can be seen on far away takes you to Las Caletas. Feel your heart tumble as it goes with the beating of the native drums and dances of olden times and civilizations. One gets the sensation of being taken back in old Mexico upon hearing the traditional drum beats and music. A dinner set up in the open space between the forest and the ocean side with a sumptuous meal of grilled steak, chicken, fish, fresh vegetables, tortillas, and salads completes the Rhythms of the Night tour and makes the evening more enchanting. When you get to witness the Rhythms of the Night Tour, you are sure to be fascinated by the captivated music and be moved by the rich tradition and culture that Puerto Vallarta holds up high up to this day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: