Canon 5D4 34 million pixels S7 + Samsung focus guards-ravbin

Canon 5D4 34 million pixels + Samsung S7 guards focus Tencent digital news (Zhong Wenze) in the face of SONY full frame strong competitive pressures in the micro single camera on the market today, Canon gives his own response, officially released its flagship full-size SLR the latest models of EOS 5D4. Full frame sensor of this camera is equipped with a 34 million pixel, range: ISO 100-32000. In addition, the ability to enhance the sense of high pixel, on 5D4, Canon also introduced before the 70D camera on the dual pixel CMOS autofocus system, dual pixel focus is this year’s critically acclaimed Samsung S7 series focusing solutions. In the traditional focus scheme, the 5D4 phase has a focus of 61 points (the focus of the cross point of 41 points). In the storage performance, 5D4 is still using the CF card and SD card dual card slot design. At the same time, Canon mobile phone to join the Wifi and NFC transmission function, in addition to the GPS function is also integrated in the camera. Currently, the official website of the official website in the United States priced at $3499, about RMB 23300 yuan. As for the line version, there will be a press conference this afternoon. If you pay attention to this camera, you can also pay attention to our follow-up reports.相关的主题文章: