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Canada to apply to join the Asian American investors to China? Sohu finance   although a few days to go to Hangzhou to participate in the G20 summit, but the young handsome Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was accidentally made a big news. Yesterday, when meeting with Chinese entrepreneurs, Trudeau said, is seriously considering joining the Asian investment bank; less than 24 hours later, the Canadian Finance Minister announced that the formal application to join the Asian investment bank. For G20, this is undoubtedly a spree of China; and global order, it is also a landmark event. Since the official opening in January this year, the attractiveness of Asian investment bank has been increasing. In addition to having 59 member countries, in September this year, will also consider the application of the membership of the more than and 30 countries submitted. The Canada added, means that the western group of seven (G7) has 5 members to join or join (Britain, France and Germany, Italy, Canada), G20 member countries, 15 countries have joined or join (not EU). By the end of this year, the number of investment banks may have more than 90 members. G7, is a veteran of the western capitalist countries; G20 group, which contains 80% of the world’s population, the GDP of 90%. In other words, up to now, has not joined the Asian investment bank circle of friends in the world’s major countries, leaving only the United States, Japan, Mexico, Argentina. Canada’s special significance lies in the fact that as the United States of America’s neighbors, the history of the two countries have been in close cooperation with many major events, called iron buddies. If the evil and other European countries with the United States do not say hello to added an investment bank, but also because many across the Atlantic, American influence is slightly weaker, so Canada added, it can be seen as the situation after the policy change based on their own interests. Why Canada will apply to join the investment bank? Trudeau’s own words, investment in infrastructure, can make Canada short-term job creation, better roads and bridges, airports, hospitals, public transportation system can bring new opportunities, and for the benefit of ordinary people in affordable housing, green transportation, from the impact of climate change. The island, China and globalization think-tank (CCG) director Wang Huiyao told the knight Island, Canada releases the attitude signal that it does not want to miss Chinese led world order modified this express. The Liberal Party of Canada on the history of friendship with China, the incumbent Prime Minister Trudeau’s father had served as the prime minister, is also in the old Trudeau office, 1970 Canada and Chinese first established diplomatic relations, support China on many international issues, help new China opened on the western diplomatic situation; now Trudeau, should said China is also optimistic about the advocacy of The Belt and Road, Asia’s infrastructure development prospects, and recognized the Asian investment banking operation and cooperation mechanism. You know, according to statistics, 2010-2020 ten years, the total demand for infrastructure investment in Asia as high as $8 trillion, the average annual investment of $730 billion, but the world bank, ADB and other existing institutions annual investment.相关的主题文章: