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Business Looking for the best Business Networking Events in Ottawa? Then you need to put Break Through Coach on your Events Calendar. Instructional, empowering and highly attended by Business, Government and Corporate groups, the Break Through Series offers what has been missing from other Ottawa Networking Events- content! The Series is Hosted by Eric Deschamps, Rob Dale and Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp of Break Through Coach, three top networkers and businesses coaches in the Nations Capital. The events start with Networking, where people from all walks of business mingle, have a beverage and share their stories. Rob provides owners with powerful tools and valuable advice that streamline the path to success. Robs 22+ years working in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors has produced a level of experience that he now imparts to others. When asked about what he does, he states It is amazing to watch someone get it. When they .e to understand that they do indeed have the ability within themselves to achieve their goals and desires. I believe my purpose is to assist others in .ing to that point. Rob is also a powerful motivational speaker and has had the opportunity to .municate to crowds from a few dozen to ten thousand. He brings his passion and energy into everything he does. In answer to a Frequently Asked Question about how working with a coach helps a .pany grow, Rob explains that a Coach works with you on a regular basis to set goals, determine strategies, prepare action plans, and hold you accountable. The end game is to get you and your business performing at the highest levels possible. He also explains that Coaches are not magicians. They cant promise that you will achieve instant success by working with them. But they promise that the application of the basic te.s of successful businesses will help you implement more strategies that will move you to your goals than any consultant, seminar, or discussion with a relative ever can! He also said that Coaches can help you drive more people to your business, sell to them more effectively, service them better so they buy more often, manage your finances and your employees more efficiently, create the systems you need to free yourself from your business, and more! As a result, you will have more money and free time to do things outside of work that you enjoy. Rob Dale of BreakThrough Coach offers Business Coaching and Business .working Events in Ottawa, which are attended by Business, Government and Corporate leaders. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: