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Brazil B analysis: refers to low water Bargan – Sohu Bargan Tino Tino to defend the home court vs Brazil 2016 Brazil B Pelotas twenty-second round Wednesday time: 2016-08-31 08:30 crown disc: 0.81 tied 1.07 Mingsheng disc: 0.76 1.16 2.37 2.90 3. William Hill: Ladbrokes: 2.40 3.10 [3] 1, the news of the score data Bagan Tino nearly 10 war 4 wins 4 flat 2 negative, accumulate 21 points ranked seventeenth in Brazil B 21 League, Pakistan, Gan nearly 10 games into 12 ball lost 11 ball. 2, the Brazil Pelotas nearly 10 wins out of 5 2 flat 3 negative, accumulate 33 points ranked fifth in Brazil B 21 League, Brazil Pelotas nearly 10 games into the 14 ball, lost 9 ball. 3, Bagan Tino and Brazil in the recent 1 confrontation in Pelotas by rival 2-0 beat. 4, Brazil Pelotas recently lost only 6 games 1 games, team recently won only 14 games 2 games. [1] game related information, the Bagan Tino boss is 51 year old Marcello of Brazil? Once Bega has coached 6 teams, winning 35.45% coach. 2, Brazil Pelotas recently 30 games have 22 games is a ball. [analysis] provide asian handicap data according to the score of news network, Asian mainstream company is the main let deuce low water opening, the Bagan Tino the last 6 games 2 wins 3 flat 1 negative, compared to the State League fifth Brazil Pelotas is not bad. The disc to the Lord let deuce low water dish, and the difference from the fundamental point of view, the advantage in the fundamentals, intervention is too cheap, the game at home court is expected to repel Bargan Valentino, enemies. North single recommendation: 31 disc recommended: -0 Bargan Valentino相关的主题文章: