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Black Thigh single handedly savior inter Su Ning God front need to rush to the rescue of I Karl Di Phoenix sports news Beijing time at 02:45 on September 12th, the third round of Serie A to continue, the international Milan team 2-1 reversal Pescara, won the first victory of the new season. If there is no I Karl Di, I’m afraid Inter will once again defeat the Argentina striker who played the role of Savior, present the Nerazzurri, the offensive end can only rely on him, so that fans can not help but doubt that Suning in front of God Roger · what time Martinez Chi yuan. This summer, I Karl Di nearly left the Milan international, after Gonzalo Higuain left Naples, the sincerity for I Karl Di, the transfer fee was open to 60 million euros, if the Thohir era, I Karl Di may leave. However, China has entered the era of Suning, the money is not the team’s primary consideration, and ultimately, inter pay raise the ace. Facts have proved that the current attack on the international Milan, can only rely on the support of I Karl Di. The last round of matches, inter in the home court was 0-1 behind, icardi eventually equalised. This service, icardi single handedly save the team. Seventy-seventh minutes and the stoppage time goal, showing I Karl Di as a top scorer of the smell and shoot. After the game, the football website "whoscored" for inter players scored, I Karl Di was eventually rated the highest score of 8.8 points. The new season of 3 games, Milan international scored 3 goals, and all by icardi arranged, which can be seen that how important the Argentina striker team. Icardi is inter lone hero, but this highlights the Nerazzurri currently on the offensive end, Adair, Palacio, Vidic, are long established forward, but they are not in the best condition. Edel played well in Italy but did not play well at inter. Palacio has been gradually aged, but approximately the need of self adjustment. At this time, fans can not help but think of the Su Ning God Feng Roger · Martinez, the speed, the technology of Columbia striker, perhaps for the current international Milan. For the moment the international Milan team, in addition to Perisic, also need a sharp knife. While inter other offensive players in the doldrums, will accelerate the arrival of Martinez. (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章: