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UnCategorized As the marketplace evolves so do marketing strategies and advertising methods. Newer and better ways are devised to advertise or promote products and services to a consumer base whose expectations are getting harder and harder to meet and whose attention spans are getting shorter by the minute. Advertisers are met with these challenges as well as the added problem of people’s negative attitude towards advertising. Having been inundated by ads for so long and all the time almost anywhere people have grown to shun ads and are often feel irritated by their presence. Because of this traditional advertising methods are growing more and more ineffective and often do not get the desired results. People have grown quite adept in ignoring advertisements that all kinds of ad campaigns in whatever medium they are presented – be it billboards, magazines, TV, and even the Internet are fast a waste of money due to the minimal positive response they draw in .parison to the huge amount of money an ad campaign entails. Businesses are therefore growing wary of ad campaigns and realize that there is a need to find newer and more effective advertising methods. Advertisers are seeking answers to answer the problem in advertising and are finding more creative and technologically advanced ways to help their clients promote their product to their target audience. Some people forecast the demise of the advertising industry in the future. This, however, is not going to happen. Advertising is necessary for businesses to thrive and will continue to be an important marketing tool. According to a paper on Thoughts about the Future of Advertising, the question is not will advertising continue to be an important tool of business .munication but simply, what forms will advertising take in the future? The future actually holds much promise for the advertising industry. With the new advancements in technology there are more hi-tech ways to advertise. The limitations when it .es to advertising in the future will not be due to limitations in technology but only .e from limited creativity or even budget. But for advertisers who are inventive and creative, the future is bright indeed. Smart Ads The Future of Advertising is already here. According to David Freedman the future of advertising lies in smart ads. Smart ads are ads that target specific people, promoting products to them that they are already looking for or are interested in. Because smart ads allow advertisers to target specific people instead of having to show the ads to an entire mass-market, smart ads makes for cheaper advertising. Smart ad campaigns can be launched for a fraction of the price of advertising campaigns using traditional advertising. Smart ads have actually already arrived. For people who think that smart ads are still a thing of the future the first few smart ads have actually been around for a few years. The Internet has revolutionized advertising and brought to us the first kind of smart ads, which started as simply targeted ads. A good example of this is the Google AdSense. Google AdSense uses the concept of contextual advertising. AdSense show ads depending on the content of the web page the Internet user is currently browsing. The textual content of the web page is analyzed by Google and depending on the keywords found in the content, AdSense will show ads related to those keywords. The concept is that people are interested in what they are reading about and is likely to be interested in buying products or services related to the topic. Cool .panies There are some advertisers who have brought smart ads to the next level by not only changing the medium but also the presentation of the as making for real entertaining and innovative advertising. Since the ads are still targeted the new smart ads make for effective advertising too. Some of .panies, cited in an article called The Future of Advertising is Here, are paving the way for smart ads. The .panies are: Claria Claria offers behavioral targeting services which track the online habits of Web surfers and hits them with relevant advertising. Although the Internet is still the media of choice behavioral targeted ads is a big step forward towards the refinement of targeted ads. Enpocket – Sends ad messages, coupons, and branded video files to mobile phones — in some cases tracking the phone’s location. Although mobile phone advertising is the next big thing people are getting wary of it due to the high probability of text spasm emerging. Pulse – Online tools turn a photo of any person or animal into a lip-synched talking head for viral ad campaigns. Ads of this type ought to be fun and will surely be a success as a viral ad campaign because people are sure to pass it on. Zebra Imaging Zebra imaging brings us closer to the future by producing large promotional holograms that make images of objects or people stand out in 3-D — no glasses needed. Experian Although it may seem boring from the consumers’ point of view, what Experian does is vital for market research. Experian collates consumer data to predict which people are likely to be in the market for particular products. Reactrix Reactrix like Zebra is uses new technologies that will surely impress customers and get people’s attention. Reactrix has developed a motion-sensitive projector that turns any surface into a crowd-drawing, brandable interactive display. Massive – Inserts ads via an online connection into video games while they’re being played. .ing is technology that will adapt the ads to individual players. Massive’s technology will help advertisers with their ad placements. Future Smart Ads In the future smart ads will surely be everywhere. Some of the foreseen prime real estate to show smart ads will be: The elevator For lack of something to o in elevators, people will surely watch entertaining ads. Shopping carts/cards More than a concept already. Shopping carts and swipe cards .bos already exist wherein a swipe of the card will produce a personalized shopping list for the customer. The cart also gives out coupons for .peting brands of products chosen by the customer. Taxis Digital billboards Digital billboards already exist but billboards of the future will run smart as depending on the expected kind of traffic passing by during specific times of the day. Cell phones Cell phones are considered to be the ultimate smart ad device enabling advertisers to target specific individuals anywhere at anytime of the day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: