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Sports-and-Recreation Paintball is one of those really fun sports that almost anyone can enjoy. It’s also great exercise, but you wouldn’t know it by all the fun you are having! Like most hardcore sports, however, it’s a good idea to purchase specific paintball supplies so that you can enjoy yourself without getting hurt. It’s just a good way to safeguard yourself against anything that could go wrong. Even if it’s something really simple like knee pads, these can still keep you from getting sore when kneeling down or keep your knees from getting scraped up. Some people will do without the extra gear, but I feel the same way about this that I do with people that ride motorcycles without helmets — wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry? I hope so! When paint balling, here are a few key paintball accessories you should have. First off, you need paintball rifles or guns. If you don’t have a paint ball gun, a game of paint ball is going to be pretty hard to win. Take a look at some of the various guns online and see which one suits you the best. You can choose from several weapons besides paintball guns including sniper paintball guns, paintball pistols, machine guns, and even grenades! Some of the most popular brands of paintball rifles are Tippmann paintball guns, Spyder paintball gun equipment, Warsensor paintball guns, MilSig markers, and AlphaBlack! You can also get upgrade kits as well to revamp your paintball pistol or gun to a .pletely different weapon. Secondly, you should really consider getting either goggles or a helmet. If you don’t like the bug-eyed goggles, that’s okay — you can still choose from a variety of paintball helmets. If you’ve played Army of Two: The 40th Day you would probably .pare some of the masks and helmets for paint balling to the masks on this game. These supplies are really cool looking, featuring everything from solid colors and designs to full-on faces painted on the helmets. You can also choose from camouflage helmets and gear as well — ideal for hardcore paintballers that are all about maintaining stealth. Third, you absolutely need your protective gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, chest pads, and wrist pads. These supplies are mostly about keeping safe, not looking cool — but that’s where the helmets and the Tippmann paintball guns .e into play. Still, you can get matching protective gear to coordinate up with your paintball rifles and helmets. Last, the paint balls themselves are also important. What’s the point in having all the guns and gear if you don’t have anything to shoot at your targets? Most paintball facilities will have paint balls and guns for you. But if you want to have your own league or game with your friends, someone is going to have to buy paint balls in advance. Some of the top brands you should be looking at for your paint balls are Karnage, RAP4 and Venom. It’s also important that you take your gun and the guns of your teammates into consideration, as not all paint balls work with all guns. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: