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5 Popular Australian Speakers In Different Fields Posted By: Michael Folgers This here a list of 5 Australian speakers that are well-known and prominent in their different careers and professions. These people are not perfect by any means, but I found their life stories interesting and insightful enough. No matter what type of industry you are in, I hope you can learn a thing or two from these famous personalities in Australia. Sam Kekovich As a former Australian rules football player himself, Sam is a well-known personality in the sports arena. His years of playing football garnered him a series of awards and recognitions — from being a top goalkicker with 56 goals, one of the best and fairest awardees, and having a major role in his club’s first premiership win. Due to an injury, his games became fewer and fewer, though he still made himself active in other non-football activities. Sam’s retirement in the football field led him to become a media personality afterwards. His career as a media personality and as a former football player is filled with a lot of controversial behavior, but this only made him an interesting speaker and personality.

Jeff Kennett Getting In The Zone For Your First Public Speaking Event Posted By: Michael Folgers There’s no greater irony than a public speaker who gets nervous. In theory, a public speaker is confident enough to change the lives of his audience. In reality, every first timer will always have a bad case of nerves. Those who try to get into public speaking usually do so to get over their fear of speaking in public. They usually succeed, and they’re given a chance to own the stage. When that happens for the first time, though, the fears start crawling back. So how do you calm yourself down? How do you get in the zone? There are plenty of ways to do so. Pre-Speech Before the speech, try to stretch. When you’re nervous, your muscles tense up without you knowing it. Stretch and shake your muscles to help you ease up. When your blood starts flowing freely again you should feel a little better. Even better, exercise before you drive to your speaking venue. Another thing that you don’t notice when you’re nervous is that your breath starts going out of rhythm. You’ll realize it when you look at how you’re sighing and gasping for air. If you start feeling nervous, check your breathing.
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