Bank of Beijing and Huaneng trust trust cooperation open trust business – Sohu financial management ca1810

Bank of Beijing cooperation with Huaneng trust trust trust trust opened the business – Sohu financial Beijing bank and AVIC trust, Huaneng trust strategic cooperation and charitable trust business conference held recently in Beijing. Bank of Beijing announced the cooperation with AVIC trust, Huaneng trust family trust services, the establishment of the first batch of family trust management asset management trust and the establishment of the country as a supervisor. It is reported that after the record established charitable trusts, the Bank of Beijing private banking clients each set up a family trust, the trust income, the trustee and the financial advisory commission will inject a charitable trust to support specific charity project. The Bank of Beijing will serve as the charitable trust supervisor, in the supervision of charitable trust in the management of the trustee trust behavior in accordance with the law, and lead to high net worth individuals return to the community, promote the great love in the wealth management and family business succession process. The Bank of Beijing said that the private banking services innovation to create a charitable trust mode of private bank + trust company + Charity Foundation ", the organic combination of China can guide the first generation of wealthy people and charity family wealth inheritance. In the collection of "acts of kindness" at the same time, the Bank of Beijing and Huaneng trust, the air trust and through system service, guide the high net worth population shaping of good family tradition, wealth enhancing responsibility and social harmony, will gradually develop charitable trust is the backbone of China charity.相关的主题文章: