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Marketing-Direct If you have tried voice broadcasting services for leads building chances are your initial time did not pan out the results you were expecting. There are many things to a great first time that resulted in many leads. My first time using automatic dialing equipment for marketing purposes cost me a lot of money. Voice Broadcasting leads can be generated in big amounts but pace yourself. I hope by evaluating these voice broadcasting pricing tips you will not make the same mistakes I did and reduce your learning curve cost. Prior to providing auto dialer/voice broadcasting services to clients I was the vice president of promotion for a large mortgage .pany. My job was simply to.provide tons of live leads! We had a lot of loan offers on our sales floor receiving live leads. When we first started voice broadcasting I thought all I had to do was set up the automated calling, record a voice broadcast or advertising script and begin the campaign. I failed. We got about 23 live calls total and it cost us $73 per live call totaling $1679 in minutes not to mention the cost of data. We used auto dialer freeware so in this case we did not have to pay for the actual auto dialer machine. Why pay for the machine when you can just use the freeware. To avoid this from happening consider the following….. Make sure you understand how auto dialer per minute rate works. Two identical campaigns can make the same amount of dials but one campaign will cost you 10 times as much. You need to get the facts on how their minute rate increment billing is charged. A lower cost does not mean you will save more in this industry. For example, Let’s say .PANY [X] charges in 60 second increments. That means you will be charged an entire minute despite if the call last five seconds. This is how several .panies advertise rates similar to 1.1 cents per minute or less. What they don’t tell you is you are being billed in 60 second increments and charged for auto dialer usage time as opposed to connected calls. Every call will cost you at least one minute or 1.1 cents even if the disposition of the call is "no answer". .PANY [Y] offers the same automatic dialing services but billing is in 6 second increments are as low as 2 cents and does not charge unless there is a connection. Thus, if 5,000 of the calls result in "no answer" you would be charged $0 by .PANY [Y] and 5,000 minutes or $55 by .PANY [X]. Next, let’s say 1000 prospects answered the phone but hung up 5 seconds into the call. .PANY [X] charges 1,000 minutes or $11. .PANY [Y] would charge 100 minutes or $3.50 because there are 10 six second increments in one minute and every minute is 3.5 cents (100 x .035 = $3.50) As you can see, making the right decision will always save you money which means additional calls that equal more profits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: