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Tian Pujun sued 550 thousand claims from media defamation – Guangdong Channel – People’s network-webquest

Tian Pujun sued since media defamation claims 550 thousand – Guangdong channel — original title: original title: Tian Pujun sued since media claims 550 thousand newspaper news (reporter Liu Ke) from the WeChat public published an article called Tian Pujun "Liao Han" "wild west", recently, Tian Pujun Wang will be the WeChat public number of holders of the prosecution to the court, Chaoyang Court yesterday informed that the court has accepted the case. According to Tian Pujun said the prosecution, July 4, 2016, Ms. Wang in the WeChat registered public "beast floor entitled" Tian Pujun "Liao Han the past, it was the world go wild ways woman away" in her article, wantonly slander. The article was published, the amount of reading in 7 hours that is more than 1 million 200 thousand. Although Ms. Wang after the deletion of the article, but Tian Pujun’s reputation has been damaged. Tian Pujun said, the article said he is the cause of Wang Shi’s "dilemma" and "death", "Vanke Wang Shi accumulated goodwill in Miss Tian long time consumed in the self hype", "Wang Shi’s dilemma, heavily influenced by the relationship of drag". The article also for her character and good faith for no reason slander, said clearly active pursuit of this relationship…… But it is the attitude of the victim in all public places". To this end, Tian Pujun asked Ms. Wang in the public, "the WeChat released the above article beast floor" and the major portals on the apology, eliminate the effects of compensation for mental damages 500 thousand yuan and reasonable expenses 5 yuan. (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章:

90 seconds to know when the mother, and anglebaby also do not forget her to play the artifact! (

90 seconds to know when the mother, and Anglebaby also do not forget her to play the artifact! [Abstract] with the stars and the moon on the back of the perfect, it immediately sailor leaned over, go with the power of beauty ~Prada show just drifting with feathers with China wind neckline and colorful geometric collision so strange together, at first glance I don’t know what happened, but for a long time seems to have completely acceptable Prada really in the transformation of the fact. Are you still immersed in complex thoughts? Accept the reality, girls! Prada has told you about the 16 years since the fall show! Is! To! Turn! Type! Success stories abound, such as the cahier handbag! Not long ago we baby on the back of it, with a printed letter oversize sweater, fresh and stylish, enchanting smiles students. Attend Prada activities at the scene of the Zhang Zilin body are inside and outside the blue print, cahier handbags have become dazzling color. A model and designer Lv Yan, chose a low-key calm black cahier bag at the same event, as can be imagined, Prada so many bags, you are so love cahier handbags! We are Master Han fire and Jiang Shuying self play did not miss the little cute, it’s what charm? In the autumn and winter of Prada2016 show up a circle on the fire of the bag, the second day will tell you, sold out! From the appearance point of view that this is a design with a girl’s mind, like a notebook in his hand, the side like organ, resistant containers and good-looking. Smooth and clean lines, protect the edge design of bronze metal resembles the ancient books of the corner, lock design as Notepad buttons, the overall feeling of the classical works like a book full of years. Add a bronze metal bag retro style, dignified and elegant yet beautiful. Back in the body seems to be able to put all the girls in the hearts of the little secrets and beautiful memories in the inside, ready to take a look back. In addition to the pure color series, our designers certainly did not forget to design several limited edition so that you love, love to overflowing! This group of stars bag series that are out of stock in Europe as a whole, a packet is hard to find! With the moon and the stars perfect, on the back of it immediately sailor leaned over, go with the power of beauty ~ wide straps packet IT this year, bag exclusive standard. The metal rose collocation on the wrist, let you become a story of female shoes. Besides the bag itself, the designers cleverly put them down several times, you can let the positive energy down at any time, anywhere to hang a small book, a word not just reading, it is also fashionable and culture IT girl ah! A green leather book hanging in the chest, walked all has enough chest like it ~ to open the key to the secret garden, with metal rose in writing, do not buckle at the waist, as if at any time can open a romantic trip. There is a book, don’t worry about the necklace shape monotonous, exquisitely delicate roses to tell you how to do a culture of the Hua Xianzi – back to the problem相关的主题文章:

Start again! In the foot eleventh times the impact of the world cup Zheng Zhi in four (video).-ricky lee neely

Start again! In the foot eleventh times the impact of the world cup Zheng Zhi in four [] the information Orangemen 12 match list: Hu Rentian Zhang Yuning in the column seven Hengda Tencent sports news in September 1st August 25th, the Orangemen will be away in the 12 match in the first round against old rivals South Korea, this is the last stage once again into the World Cup Asian Zone football after 15 years. Historically, the country had 10 times before the impact of the world cup only once in 2001, to get tickets for the 2002 World Cup in Korea and japan. This time, the national football training list, Zheng Zhi is the only one country had experienced foot 3 impact the final stage of World Cup Asian Zone failed to return to the national team players, at this time, Zheng Zhi led the young brothers to Russia in 2018 World Cup tickets? Old captain Zheng Zhi has competed in four world cup 10 impact, only the success of the first, in 1957, the year dimensional Si Zhang Honggen and other old generation players out of the country, Chinese team started the first World Cup to attack. With 3 games in Indonesia, China in the away team lost 0-2, back to the home court 4-3 win, but in the play offs in Yangon and 0-0 draw with rivals, because the goal number is less than the final opponent first attempt ended in failure. Since then, Chinese team for various reasons to say goodbye to the world football for 24 years, until 1980-1982 years before the second world cup to attack. In 1982, because Saudi water, China team had to in the sub region playoff against New Zealand, the China team lost 1-2, missed the final of the 1982 World Cup in spain. The country foot 10 times before the impact of the World Cup record in 1985, Chinese third team to the world cup, the preliminary group phase at the end of the round 1-2 defeat to Hongkong Chinese, even failing to make the final stage of the Asian region, losing to Hongkong China, also made is still the old fans remember "5-19 massacre". 1989 impact of the world cup in Italy on the way, the Chinese team broke into the final stage of the Asian region, but the 2 "black 3 minutes," the success of the later famous only one step to Rome". In 1993 fifth impact, the final stage Chinese team only got preliminary group phase second could not to Asia, it is worth mentioning that, today, the national football coach Gao Hongbo scored 5 goals in the world cup on a. The 1997 World Cup qualifier, China team advanced to the round of 10, but was eventually called the history of the strongest national football won only third of A group, not to the world cup in france. In 2001, China team seventh times to attack the world cup in Japan and South Korea, as the host, the 10 race group and no Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Asian teams under the condition of Chinese team ahead of the 2 round to get the World Cup tickets, round fans waiting for 44 years. Then 3 times the impact of the world cup, China team fell in the preliminary stage in asia. Eleventh times the impact of the world cup, Chinese team finally killed the final stage of the Asian region, under the leadership of Gao Hongbo, Chinese team can second times World Cup finals? Zheng Zhicheng four veterans, 12 will be the first in the world cup in 2001 ten strong players, is still in the play include Jihai Sun, Xu Yunlong, Qu Bo and Dewey, but Dewey had a)相关的主题文章:

Sagitar, Carola or civic, 150 thousand to buy cars which is better – Sohu car-gigolos

Sagitar, Carola or civic, 150 thousand to buy cars which is better? Sohu auto weekly hot issues list, one of the most difficult to choose the car is one of the columns, is the hottest topic in the DearAuto exchange group list. The heat TOP 10 Q: Sagitar, Weilang, collar, Carola, civic, called Serra, Octavia, hit home one hundred and fifty thousand floor budget how to choose? Which is higher? A: these options include almost the currently popular sedan market models, you can simply do a classification, if you love the European chassis texture, love the partial sinking of the steering wheel, you can choose Weilang, Sagitar, Octavia, Octavia with higher price. If you are happy and single, you might consider angkesaila, one day on the road driving pleasure is an endless enjoyment. If it is a large space of home sedan, it is recommended the corolla, Carola the space inside the car and comfort of good reputation, quality and stability of TOYOTA good Honda also makes later use more peace of mind, meet the needs of the family car. Hottest issue TOP 9 Q: what are the advantages and disadvantages of the new crown? How should you choose? A: the advantage of the new crown is its rear drive, large space, comfortable car ride texture, as well as the BMW 5 series, Mercedes Benz E class, the price is slightly lower. And its shortcomings are also obvious, first of all, the brand is not as good as BMW, Mercedes Benz on the grade, followed by power and control is not as sharp as the BMW 5 series. If your budget, suggest you consider Benz and BMW, if only about 300000 of the budget, may wish to buy a high crown, rich configuration, interior space and the BMW 5 series, Mercedes Benz E class not much difference between. The heat TOP 8 Q: want to change, 7 seat space SUV has what better recommendation?? The price of naked car at about 50-60, I now look at Ford explorer and Infiniti QX60 and Buick ang Corey! A: Aung San is too old, is still an oil tiger, this old American imports of cars on the fuel is really hurt. QX60 personal Infiniti is very love, large space, self suction engine output linear, endured years of durability test, the car is in place to create a sense of luxury and affordable price. The problem is that the interior is too common, for the price of the car, a bit too simple, but the car configuration is very awesome, such as electric folding third row seat, but such details can not change the vehicle interior sense of mediocrity. If you really want to buy 7 luxury SUV, I personally recommend the Lexus RX, completely lost in the sense of luxury cars, power is strong enough, take the top. Hottest problem TOP 7 Q: why 2.0T turbocharged engine data is stronger than the 2.4L naturally aspirated engine, but the start is slower than the naturally aspirated engine. A: because the turbine is not involved in the fact that the torque level of a 2.0L engine, so start 2.相关的主题文章: